My 3 month old is teething, what Paleo method can I use to help him?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 14, 2013 at 8:50 PM

Hello fellow Paleolithians,

My family and I have enjoyed the benefits of the Paleolithic lifestyle for almost three years now. We just had a new addition to our family and he is 3.5 months now and teething. Since this is our first baby in our recent Paleo lifestyle it is difficult to identify how to go beyond traditional Western methods that influence our society of what we should eat and how we should treat minor irritants like teething. I know we can give him some cool steak or bones from other Paleo research that I have conducted but the research found is limited and there is no mention of how old the baby should be for these teething remedies. My son, like other Paleo influenced children is above average in everything including growth. He is 24 inches long and 13lbs. So my next question is when can we start him on solid foods? I was unable to breastfeed so perhaps his crankiness can be related to the organic Similac formula we feed him.

My daughter is now ten and she adopted to the Paleo lifestyle pretty well except when there are birthday parties at her school or other events that are celebrated by sugar filled (SAD) diet. She understands the importance of our lifestyle but she still wants to fit in with her peers. Any suggestions on keeping her on point?

In advance, thanks for your assistance.



on March 15, 2013
at 01:21 AM

Put rum or scotch on your baby's gums

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on March 14, 2013
at 09:51 PM

Give your kids a break. Teething rings are fine. You daughter having cake once in a while is fine.



on March 14, 2013
at 10:30 PM

There is some fussiness that starts about 4 months. A lot of people attribute it to teething, which it may be. But I think there is also a big growth spurt in awareness about this time. (Babies also start to really interact, coo back, etc). Fussiness may simply be his way of telling you he needs you. All of my children did this fussy thing at 4 months ... teeth didn't arrive until between 6-11 months.

That being said, our favorite teething toy was .. .velcro. Seriously. I stitched the two ends of a long piece to a blankie, to make a "handle" of it. Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw. I think the paleo version of this would be a piece of dried sinew or something.

Another good one is to buy the "Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder." Put frozen grapes (slightly thawed) in it and let him go to town.

Eating solid food...A great resource on this is the Weston Price site. Here is their page for babies and toddlers: http://www.westonaprice.org/childrens-health

They will recommend soaked grains, but not until after a year old, I think. So all the early advice is pretty paleo. Egg yolks, liver, avocado, etc.

I started each of my 4 kids on solid food later and later. From the first one at 4 months, to the last one at about 10 months. (With my last 2 kids, they basically got to eat solid food when they could sit up and feed themselves!). Since you are using formula, you may want to start fairly early to get him on more whole foods; however, there really is a wide range of acceptable, and you'll just have to experiment. If you want to go full paleo, you can just pre-chew the food you are eating at dinner and give it to him ... kind of lol, but really it's a brilliant caveman strategy. Mom's saliva aids in the pre-digestion of food. :)

Big kids ... my personal opinion is that once they get to this age, you have to give them the freedom to choose. We talk a lot about food's effects on us. My kids are keenly aware of how bad they feel after they eat a donut! But awareness is all I can give them. Making good choices takes practice. If she sees sweets and treats as celebration food, then I think you've already won that battle. They are for special occasions, not every day. If these events come up a lot, maybe you could take her to whole foods and buy some yummy acceptable treats to share with her friends. But I wouldn't worry too much - she's already so much further ahead than her peers.



on March 14, 2013
at 10:14 PM

You can make diluted fruit juice ice cubes, wrap in a clean washcloth, and let the baby chew/suck on that. The roughness of the washcloth helps like the little bumps on teething rings help get through the gum, the cold helps soothe the pain, and the yumminess of the juice makes them keep at it. Just be mindful of staining opportunities - use something like apple juice indoors and save grape or berry juices to the outdoors and clothes that you don't mind getting stained.

OH! And nursing and teething necklaces are great! I got this one for my friend for her baby shower: http://www.etsy.com/listing/97496521/mint-green-beige-ivory-white-necklace? except in a different color. Baby and mom both love it! Baby gets to play with it while nursing and being carried, mom doesn't get her hair pulled as much, baby gets to teethe on it, then as a toddler can play with it. The crochet is great because mom can get her scent all up in it, and then when someone else has to feed the baby they can wear it for that comforting mom-scent.

Don't forget to care for your child's oral hygiene as they get their teeth in, though!


on March 14, 2013
at 09:15 PM

A twig from a hardwood tree that has had the bark peeled off.

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