How do you deal with sensitive teeth?

Answered on November 16, 2014
Created July 18, 2012 at 2:43 PM

It's almost as if it's become more sensitive since going paleo. It's at it's worst when I am brushing them, it's not usually a problem when I'm eating.

Have you, or do you experience an issue with sensitive teeth?

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6 Answers



on July 18, 2012
at 03:53 PM

It's important to get all the minerals and vitamins your body uses to remineralize your teeth. Especially vitamin K2, vitamin d, calcium, magnesium.

I had exactly the same issue, but eating liver twice a week and supplementing vitamin d resolved it. (ghee is also a good source of K2)



on July 18, 2012
at 03:47 PM

I also have sensitive teeth and have found sensitive toothpaste really helps.



on July 18, 2012
at 03:02 PM

I clench at night so my teeth are pretty sensitive. I wear a night guard but it's been of little help other than to minimize wear on the teeth. I tried sensitive toothpaste but it's been of little help, not surprisingly since it's not designed for this purpose. Instead, I just avoid acidic, sweet, and hard foods.



on November 16, 2014
at 11:33 PM

Stop eating fruit for a while and see if there is a difference. Mine are sensitive after citrus but even an apple makes them that way. The only safe fruit for me is a banana.



on July 18, 2012
at 04:00 PM

I stopped using toothpaste at around the same time I changed to a more paleo diet, and I no longer have sensitive teeth. They used to be very sensitive to cold and sweet -- not so much to hot. I use baking soda: wet the brush and then dip it in the baking soda, and brush.


on July 18, 2012
at 03:00 PM

I have sensitive teeth such that I usually refuse anything super cold.

Sometimes super cold water from the sink while brushing will have the same effect.

I just use warm water so it's room temp when I brush. It might help, but I have no answer as to why your teeth would become more sensitive unless your body is leaching calcium out of your teeth. Someone else might be able to explain in more detail.

If it's your gums, it's possible that if you were used to eating soft grain foods, that carrots such would seem hard on your gums. This isn't a bad thing, as it can help scrap plaque from your teeth.

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