Paleo Diet and Myofacial Syndrome

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 10, 2013 at 11:59 PM

Hi! I have read quite a bit about the Paleo diet helping many with Fibro, but I am wondering if this diet has been helpful to folks with Myofascial Syndrome as well? Myofascial is often lumped in with Fibro as many can have both issues. However, Myofascial is in fact a separate disease.

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on March 11, 2013
at 04:05 PM

Diet affects body composition, and poor body composition can associate with myofascial pain. Beyond that bit of unsatisfying reasoning, the effect of diet on chronic myofascial pain is not well understood. One possibility that makes sense to me (from http://www.lef.org/protocols/neurological/myofascial_syndrome_01.htm#introduction) is"

"Much of the pain that accompanies MFS is due to inadequate blood flow to the trigger point area (ischemia) that inhibits the ability of the muscle to eliminate metabolic wastes (eg, lactic acid and potassium). These accumulated metabolic byproducts combined with inadequate oxygen flow to the affected area then build up, stimulating nearby nerve endings that lead to trigger point pain."

So maybe if some neolithic dietary toxin has been accumulating in the muscle, the paleolithic diet should probably help. Here's an extreme case, but I don't know what the dietary advice was.


If the paleo diet simply improves the body's ability to scavenge metabolic waste, then it's potentially helpful too. Here's another reference for diet and lifestyle modifications.




on March 11, 2013
at 12:17 AM

if by myofascial pain you mean trigger points present, then yeah Paleo Diet cured me. But the key imo is high protein intake, not so much the paleo part.

forget the veganism, just read what the article says. i had alot of upper back myofascial pain and soreness and upping my protein intake from 20% to about 30-40% got rid of it after a few weeks.




on March 11, 2013
at 07:20 AM

It certainly can't hurt, and very likely will help. I think two mechanisms make it a win win. One is that the elimination of grain will make a huge difference in your pain levels (complex reasons, but trust me on this) and two is that the diet is anti-inflammatory so will reduce the triggers for your pain. If you don't get great relief after a month or so, you might try an autoimmune protocol or limiting FODMAPS to tweak it.

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