Wierd symptoms. Any suggestions ?

Answered on September 23, 2014
Created September 08, 2013 at 3:55 PM

Hi. Since 2 years i have been struggling with various health issues. It all began with one week period of very bad diarrhea, fever and dehydration. My doc prescribed some digestive enzymes and said that i was probably some viral diarrhea and i was severely dehydrated. The drugs he prescribe helped me and i felt better for a couple of months. But in certain stressful periods i would feel very bad and i started having wierd symtons like: migraines with aura, food allergies, low blood pressure, eye floaters, digestive issues, prostatitis like symptoms and lost a lot of weight (10 kgs). I experiment a lot with my diet, and i noticed that certain foods would exacerbate some of the symptoms. I went to a gastro doc where i was diagnosed with H. H.Pylori, and did the usual treatment for it: antibiotics + PPIs. I made the followup check for H.Pylori which showed no signs of H.Pylori. After the treatment i still felt like shit, my digestion improved a little bit but i still were having a lot of the symptoms. I also did a session of Colon Hydrotherapy which mad my digestion even worse. Finally i got my hands on the Paleo Solution Book from Robb Wolf, and started to implement the Paleo diet gradually and supplement with Fish oil, Vitamin D. I have been following the Paleo like diet since 3 months, but have been experimenting with adding rice and potatoes to my diet.

A lot of my symptoms improved. I got rid of my migraine aura and now i am taking digestive enzymes, eating sauerkraut, taking probiotics,zinc and magnesium. I figured out that i have fructose malabsorption, so i am avoiding fruits now, this helped me eliminate the bloating and flatulence i was having.

I still have constipation and my digestion seems like very sluggish and struggle to gain weight.

And still have very low blood pressure, eye floater and see wired lights (permanent visual snow)

Please, if anyone has ANY possible anecdotes/evidence/suggestions, anything, any insight, I will be greatly appreciative. Thank you so much.

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on September 23, 2014
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Stomach acid? My stomach acid was really low, and I was really defficient in zinc despite no grains and high meat diet for over a year...I honestly don't understand the stomach acid cycle, but not having enough causes a whole hose of problems! Just google it! I took the liquid zinc test and got HCL pills and it took about 2 months, but It helped me with my mineral absorbtion and skin issued a lot!

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