Sibo/candida/thyroid/ or useless body??

Answered on December 25, 2013
Created December 25, 2013 at 4:42 PM

After being on paleo for 6 months I've made some progress but not what I expected. I'm confused because for awhile my body was dramatically better !!! Then came back down :( .All my life I've had (cold feet/hands,constipation,heart palpatations,dry skin,ear ache left side,,hemrroids,itch anus.

Then two years ago I started getting back pain muscle tension ,sinus problens ,itchy ears etc .It would flare in waves a standard flare for me was (achy neck ,back,joints,sinus flare tingling teeth,itchy butt,sore hemmroids,sore muscles like a flu,extreme anxiety like feeling doom,shortness of breath,tired,glue ear,dull achy feeling under left lung).After a few of these I said screw this and changed my diet since (20000$ in med bills revealed nothing except empty pockets)

After going paleo I started noticing my weight drop but my muscle tension/anxiety also.I stopped requiring tums completely !! My constipation stopped being frequent ,hemmroids stopped bleeding.I had allergies but less.Also less anxiety ,less heart palpatations.After awhile I was getting pissed off about BM being mushy so after research I tried HCL.Tada text book BM all of a sudden !! Finally ! But god damn it still something off.

I tried humaworm in case I had a parasite , dear Christ what a mistake I had unbelievable itch butt,swollen bowels,burning stool,genital pain,muscle pain and the more I went through the 28days the worse and worse I felt.!! I also had loose stools so I finished the protocol and said screw that never again!! Even they didn't understand why all that happened plus I lost weight I didn't have to lose on that s$&@!

So now it seems I destroyed what I had gained!! I only wanted to rid the last few symptoms I had by like occasional sore joints,cold feet but instead I set myself backwards to square one!! What the hell is wrong with me?!?

Some interesting facts about my paleo experience :coffee /tea big no nos can't handle them anymore.Tonatoes don't sit well with me anymore.havent touched gluten again god knows what that may do.Forget hard candy instant no no! I can seem to handle maple sugar ok though and cane sugar I think not that I tested it a lot.Any ideas guys I'd like for my bowels to stop aching and go back to at lease normal BMs and less pain!!

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on December 25, 2013
at 05:57 PM

Is it possible salicylate intolerance even though my symptoms drift away from that a bit? Or sibo? Because the humaworm protocol was jam packed with herbs and most ultra high in salicylate?



on December 25, 2013
at 05:09 PM

You might have a cross reactivity to coffee with gluten - that sadly happens with some folks, not sure about the tea. It does sound from what you describe that you did infact have some sort of parasites and perhaps the treament you took helped or fixed it, but I don't know much about that.

It's possible you just have to stick with just paleo until your gut heals again - perhaps go and see a doctor to see what the aftermath is.

Some people are allergic to tomatoes and other nightshades, so you should avoid them. Perhaps a stricter diet is required for you to get healed. You might be fine with some of these items six months to a year, or you might still be allergic to them. No way to tell until you get there.

Gluten can be hidden at times. I've seen teas that have barley in them, which are a hidden gluten source. Don't give up, just read the labels very carefully. Careful of gluten free stuff, it might have corn which is also a grain, which can be harmful to some.

Meanwhile try some bone broths and perhaps some L-Glutamine to help heal your gut. Stick to the basics, meat and veggies, as clean as you can.

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