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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 13, 2012 at 5:45 PM

I have always had a sweet tooth but since starting paleo (2 months ago) it has gotten soo much worse. I will eat well all day but then come home from work and have these intense cravings. I do try to ignore them but they are the worst cravings I have ever had. I have tried to have some hot chocolate or something and leave it at that but then they get even worse. A lot of the cravings are for chocolate but I do get them for other sweet foods too... cookies, cake, candy. I did read that the cravings can be related to iron which I have always been very low on, despite eating 1.5-2 lbs of beef a week plus tons of spinach and veggies. Could this be it or another low nutrient?

A typical day for me looks like:

B: 3 egg omelet with ground beef, onion, spinach, other vegies. I use 1-2 tbls of kerrygold butter here. Also a peice of fruit. SOmetimes ill have a fruit smoothie for breakfast with added fat like coconut or nut butter. Snack: greek yogurt + some nuts or fruit Lunch: a huge salad with lettuce and spinach. I alternate days of adding lots of fruits and nuts and seeds with days of lots of raw veggies and tuna or salmon. Dinner: Anything I feel like making... tacos, casserole, meat with sweet potatoes and veggies. Some paleo food with meat and veggies included. I use plenty of fat in cooking.

My cravings happen between lunch and dinner. I have tried eating fruit or a non sweet snack there. Neither seems to take away the cravings. Any idaes? My macronutrient ratios usually work out to around 45/35/20 carb/fat/protein. I run around 50 miles per week which is why I have higher carbs than many.

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3 Answers



on November 13, 2012
at 05:49 PM

I get them too, and found the previous threads on this topic pretty helpful! http://paleohacks.com/search?q=sweet+cravings



on November 13, 2012
at 07:57 PM

Fruits really mess with my blood sugar and make me RAVENOUS!!! I can tolerate a SMALL number of berries with full fat cream or coconut milk, but if I just eat fruit look out.

Fortunately, I never liked fruit that much--even as a child it made me feel terrible--I think that was the blood sugar hit.

Try cutting back on the fruit, or cutting it out entirely until you get the rest under control. Likewise, watch the "safe starches"--you may be able to tolerate these later, but for now they may be causing issues.

If you're OK with supplements, people swear by L-Glutamine to help with cravings. I've never tried it personally.


on November 13, 2012
at 06:58 PM

I get them too (and I did not have a sweet tooth before Paleo). What I have found helpful is:

-No fruit

-Magnesium in the morning: I notice that when I forget to take it, my cravings get MUCH worse

-Trying to eat something salty and get my mind busy on something else (this is why I workout in the evenings, because I too, get more cravings in the afternoon)

-If all else fails, make a paleo friendly sweet snack (I found an amazing recipe today for a chocolate microvable "cake" made in literally 3 mins) or eat a piece or two of 85% chocolate. This will usually satisfy my cravings for a few days.

What I have realized in the last few days is that when I am not obsessing about it (including breaking my head thinking about WHY I am craving chocolate), I tend to be able to manage them a lot better. I aknowledge the craving, go on with my day and if it is still there, I just give into it in the healthiest way possible.

I have not gotten my iron or any other minerals checked (this is my next step), and for now I am experimenting with different things...these last few days have been much easier, so I hope I am heading in the right direction.

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