Clarification on Peeling Sweet Potatoes

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 14, 2011 at 5:02 PM

So, does anyone know if peeling sweet potatoes gets rid of a significant amount of antinutrients or anything like that? Is there a saponin issue like there is with white potatoes? I don't particularly like the peel so I do it anyway just to be safe, but I've never been actually clear about whether that was recommended for sweet potatoes or completely unnecessary.



on October 15, 2011
at 06:54 AM

Good question -- I've been wondering this myself; I love the skins of sweet potatoes.



on October 14, 2011
at 05:35 PM

think youre good on the antinutrients and saponin side. if unorganic id peel them though

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on October 18, 2011
at 12:54 PM

God how I love potatoes! Actually tubers. I boil a cut up mess of them, then fry in coconut oil/ghee/butter and season heavily. End up adding Japanese black vinegar for a tangy taste! My personal hash browns concoction.

But it's the combination which makes it so delicious. I use:

  1. white potatoes, May Queen or just Hokkaido,
  2. Satsuma imo: long, red with whitish skin, very hard when raw,
  3. Anno Imo (reddish/orangeish skin, pink inside with a pattern that looks like a cut orange), which has a chestnut flavor, and
  4. Inca no Mezame -- a small potato developed in Japan, the original imported from Peru. Yellow on the inside. The name means "Inca Awakening". Pretty romantic huh?

Of course I peel them all.


on October 18, 2011
at 07:27 AM

Peeling them is necessary. I don't know why exactly, but I was told the peels are poisonous and since they're a really common food here, I trust the advice. I've never seen anyone eat them.



on October 14, 2011
at 08:38 PM

I wouldn't eat the skin because its just a bunch of indigestible fiber. Sweet potatoes contain oxalic acid but cooking them should decrease that some.


on October 14, 2011
at 05:33 PM

Have a look at this thread. Hopefully it will be of help to you:

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