all i care about mental clarity can i eat sweet potatos

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 19, 2012 at 10:32 PM

I'v eaten real healthy or the past 5 years. I had imflamation in my achilles, mental fog, tiredness during the day where i would need naps, or if i had big events i'd make sure i was alone and had a good nap. I always had to drink a TON of water. maybe 2 gallons a day. after i ate, i'd always have to drink a ton o water. Plus at 29 i have high cholorestrol. Even though i eat healthier then evyone i know, i work out more then most people i know, i still had high chloroeresotrl.

I looked at me being on my way to a harder old age. It was depressing. The thing that got me really searching for a cure was when i couldn't work out anymore because my achilles were getting enflamed. Working out was the one thing that kept me regular. so i looked up stuff on imflamation and came across he paleo.

I was messed up for the first 4 days. I felt quezy all the time. After that I felt amazing. My mental clarity was awesome. I wasn't tired t all ever. All day i was wide awake, calm, and for the most part, a pimp. i decided to go paleo for life.

Week 1.5 i went over my 90 yr old grannys and she made me her special spinach pie and i felt oligated to eatit since she has trouble walking and it was prolly hard for her to make it. Immediately i had a headache, and the was tired, and the mental clarity was gone.

From what I'v read, i thought the fog didn't happen til the next day. Why did it happen so quick. I just wanna avoid the mental fog, and have that INSANE calmness and clarity. I felt sooo calm all day, it was great. I am not to concerned about the weight loss.

Can i eat sweet potato fries? What kills menta clarity the most. Is the whole tubers thing about loose'n weight more so then mental clarity. Or r tubers as bad as grains for mntal clarity. i only care about the claty? thoughts?

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7 Answers



on July 09, 2013
at 05:15 AM

Sweat potatoes absolutely will not help with your spelling, capitalization, and grammar.

I'm sorry to let you down with bad news, but someone had to do it.



on September 20, 2012
at 12:08 AM

I hope English is your second language. That was hard to read.

If I understand the question, you want to know if you can add sweet potatoes to your diet and still have mental clarity?

Well the only way to know is to start eating in a way that you know will give you mental clarity. After a week of that, add the sweet potatoes. If the mental clarity stays, then you win. If not, cut out the sweet potatoes.



on September 19, 2012
at 10:51 PM

It sounds like you have had a lot of inflammation and could have autoimmune issues. If one meal off the diet was that hard on you, I would consider doing the GAPS protocol for healing your gut. It is a big commitment, but in the long term you could possibly have some of granny's cooking without throwing you into a terrible place.



on September 19, 2012
at 10:49 PM

First off, what is "high Cholesterol?" High Cholesterol levels, when it's the "good" cholesterol, is associated with improved cognition and memory. I know you asked about clarity, but the Cholesterol comment makes me wonder. I'd check into that further and get some more extensive tests done.




As for the tubers, something like a sweet potato, they shouldn't have any impact on this unless you are chronically insulin-resistant. If so, this may hurt progress in reversing metabolic problems, but if EVERYTHING ELSE is eliminated and the only starch you get is from yams/sweet potatoes, you're fine.

You mentioned "sweet potato fries", are you talking homemade fries from potatoes you peel and slice yourself? A sweet potato fry from Ore Ida in a bag or at a retail restaurant or store is no better than a french fry from a fast food joint.


on July 08, 2013
at 09:48 PM

gluten = brain fog


on September 20, 2012
at 12:17 AM

@Ka24 i have high bad cholesterol. around 209 fasting, but i work out nearly everyday and i used to eat pretty great. mostly vegies and salads and stuff. My good cholesterol was good, but my bad was much to high. The diet I was on plus the excessive exercize should of brought it down, but didn't. My grandfather and father actually have althziemers (however u spell it) and was thinking there may be a connection. My doctor thinks i'm paranoid, it pisses me off. I'm thirsty all the time. If i don't drink water i get really tired. I dunno. I have tons of muscle knots all over my body. I want extensive testing or something. I'm gonna stick with this diet.

iknow there is good cholestrol and bad, didn't have to point that out. There are a lot of bad thins about cholestrol. I think the last article glosses over that. HDL is good, i can see the grey matter links.

The sweet potato fries would be cutting them up and throwing em on the grill or in the oven. What is GAPS protocol?



on September 19, 2012
at 10:45 PM

If strict works for you, stick to strict. If you want to try sweet potatoes, try them. Everyone deals with food differently. No one can tell you how it will work for you. I am glad to hear that your imflamed achilles is no longer enflamed

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