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Commented on December 29, 2014
Created December 28, 2014 at 10:04 AM

My first post! I've been dabbling in Paleo for a while and I'm starting to follow it strictly now. I've always felt that it's hard to feel satisified without grains. I need to eat a massive amount of meat and veggies to feel like I've had enough. (I'm trying to gain weight.) It gets very expensive! Sweet potato is a filling sub for grains but I'm not sure it's good to eat a lot of it -- from what I understand, it spikes your blood sugar and some say it's not even paleo. Any suggestions appreciated.

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on December 28, 2014
at 04:07 PM

Actually, eating more carbs isn't the answer.  If you're trying to lose fat, you need to eat more fat and limit carbs to between 50g-100g/day.  Sweet potato is perfectly paleo, not sure who said that, but they either don't know or are lying.


If you can find Kerrygold butter (key here is grassfed butter) and aren't sensitive to dairy, next time you're hungry cut a 1TB slice of it like it was cheese and eat that without anything else, especially without any carbs.  You'll find your appetite will shut down almost immediately and you won't be hungry for hours until your next real meal.  If you can't find it, you can try it with coconut oil (which is nowhere near as tasty), or better yet 3-4 rashers of bacon.


on December 29, 2014
at 01:09 AM

If you're trying to gain weight, absolutely add more carbs into your diet! If you're just worried about feeling full, add more fat and cut back on the protein. I find that moderate protein with higher fat and lots of veggies shuts down any desire to eat more.


on December 29, 2014
at 08:37 AM

Thanks everyone for the feedback and sorry if my post started a fight! Just for some background, I'm 32f with quite a low BMI, have always been thin. When I tell people I'm trying to eat paleo they think I'm crazy because I don't need to lose weight, but the reasons are-- I have celiac disease and have been strictly gf for three years but still feel pretty crappy. Headaches, fatigue, nausea. Mental fog. Anemic and pre-diabetic despite what I always considered to be a healthy diet  with minimal processed foods. So I'm ready to try cutting out the grains and sugar but struggling with filling that place on the plate that used to be for rice or potatoes. Steak and spinach just doesn't feel like a full meal to me and how many sweet potatoes can i eat? Sorry for the length here and thanks again to everyone who responded.



on December 29, 2014
at 10:42 AM

You haven't started a fight, this is more of a symptom of folks around here thinking they know what's best in every situation.


If you are celiac, you may have inadvertently opened up other allergies beyond wheat.  Once the gut lining is damaged, it can allow large proteins into the blood stream which the immune system will tag as invaders, causing allergies.  Luckily, many of these will go away with time.  So if you're feeling crappy, you may be reacting to something in your food and it might be worth looking at an elimination diet.


I would start by taking about 5-10g of L-Glutamine powder every morning, this first step will heal your gut lining incase it's still leaky, also make and consume bone broths as often as you can.  To test whether or not this is the case, you can also try a plain old GABA capsule on an empty stomach with some water. GABA is a large molecule and should not make its way past the blood brain barrier, if it does, you'll feel a sense of calm within 30-60mins.  This would mean that your gut lining is also leaky as it's made of similar cells as the BBB.  If so, glutamine will help you heal.  If you have a leaky gut, the headaches, fatigue, mental fog, etc. won't go away.



on December 28, 2014
at 10:27 AM

Eat more carbs, blood sugar be damned.

If anyone tells you otherwise, I'll fight them.


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