Best Asian sweet potato recipes

Answered on February 05, 2014
Created February 05, 2014 at 12:52 AM

I go through about 3-4 pounds of Asian sweet potatoes per day (I know, that's a lot of fricking sweet potatoes) and I'm getting a little bored with just microwaved. The sweet potatoes I eat are the ones that aren't as sweet as the orange ones, and have purple skin, with pale yellow flesh. The only reason that I haven't tried anything other than microwaved is because I'm pretty busy and need it to be really quick, so maybe I should just cook in bulk, but I'm not sure. Any recipes are greatly appreciated

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3 Answers


on February 05, 2014
at 09:05 PM

Microwaving sweet potatoes is not appealing to me with that said wraping them in foil, baking at 400* for 1.5 hrs and coat with butter is the only way I eat them SOOOO good


on February 05, 2014
at 01:52 PM

I use Asian sweet potatoes in curry recipes--Indian, Thai, and Japanese curries. They freeze really well, so I bake a lot of them, freeze leftovers, then thaw them out to use.

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on February 05, 2014
at 05:41 AM

Pre-roast or microwave them, keep in fridge, slice and pan fry in coconut oil &/or butter. Sprinkle salt/spices. I also prefer oven baked over microwave, they just seem to taste better.

I've had cold sweet potato salad which is good, don't have a recipe however. I recall lots of green onions, vinegar and olive oil.

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