Cold / sweaty palms when flying

Asked on November 08, 2012
Created November 08, 2012 at 9:23 AM

Did anybody have this problem? I get sweaty arms when flying (not too much, but somewhat irritating, the same about other parts of my body, but to a lesser degree). Sometimes palms are also cold. I'm trying to figure out how it relates to food I take, but cannot find anything particular.

When I Google the problem I either find something about Hyperhidrosis which is incredibly vague term that can be caused by infinite number of things or something about anxiety. However, as all my blood tests are perfect (from cholesterol to inflammation markers and hormones, including thyroid) I don't think I have a serious underlying problem. I don't seem to have anxiety either as I've been flying since age of 10 I guess and I actually love it!

The problem seems to be worse when I'm sleep deprived, obviously. But it can occur even if I slept for 8 hours prior night.

I also looked into dehydration as it's usually considered a problem with jet lags, but hydrating itself doesn't seem to affect it.

Also, at the same time it I seem to get an increased need for oxygen as I start to breathe more with my noise (inhaling more forcefully) compared to my usually calm and slow breathing.

I'm 27yo, healthy and training hard.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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