What does the Paleo Community think of Mark Bittman's message?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 09, 2011 at 5:57 PM

As a relative newcomer to Paleo I'm still formulating in my mind and habits the best way to promote a sustainable diet. Mark Bittman, the minimalist from the New York Times author of Food Matters, would certainly be on board with most of the Paleo principles.

  • eating grass fed meats-
  • increasing vegetable consumption
  • sourcing as many ingredients as we can locally

Being that he has such a high profile position in the American cooking pyramid and a voice that is in line with broad outlines of Paleo how do members feel about his message?

if you need to learn about his views this video is a good starting spot

http://www.ted.com/talks/mark_bittman_on_what_s_wrong_with_what_we_eat.html and his blog on NYtimes, http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/category/mark-bittman/



on March 10, 2011
at 01:40 AM

I love him! Wish he promoted meat a little more. Every time he's on the Today show he seems to be promoting vegetarian recipes. He's clearly not one and maybe that's what they are pushing him to do but it's frustrating.

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on March 09, 2011
at 08:21 PM

Well duh grassfed meat is healthier. I agree.

If it is more vegetables instead of grains and legumes then I agree. Depends on what he means by "more", though, I eat about 8 cups of vegetables, including some sweet potatoes every day. I don't think I would benefit from more vegetables. Your average person could probably use the potassium.

Local: I buy my beef locally but I'll eat New Zealand lamb and I really don't care about where vegetables come from as long as they taste fine. No thanks. I know I could feel all smug about going to the farmers market and could wag my fingers at people buying that horrible horrible industrial produce but I don't feel like it.

On his blog he is writing about eating oatmeal. But "real" oatmeal (lol). I dislike these "just eat REAL food. Be NATURAL" guys because it is quite possible to have inadequate health eating an all organic diet from whole foods.



on March 09, 2011
at 08:10 PM

I'm more familiar with Pollan's work, but it seems to dovetail nicely. I'm all for sustainable tree hugging and what not. But really, I'm more in to figuring out what works for me than fighting any political battles.

As more people want grass fed beef, farmers will step up to provide it. Safeway has ground bison (at a ridiculous 7.99 a pound) - but things are looking better.

I just wish we could get them to stop lying on the labels. The egg labels are just stupid. Cage free, vegetarian fed are almost meaningless. No hormones or antibiotics? Well, duh! It would be illegal to give chickens hormones/antibiotics so why should I pay extra for these? AGHHH!!

Not sure about increasing vegetable consumption. No evidence that it promotes good health that I've seen...

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