How to talk to people about Paleo

Answered on July 15, 2015
Created July 09, 2015 at 3:55 PM

It has become such a stigmatized topic that I get immediately written off when I talk to people about it.  How do you introduce it in an unassuming way?  Or what do you say to reverse the effect of "I don't believe in what you're doing and it's wrong"?  


In my case, I've joined a workout/eating healthy support group with a group of my friends but it's being led by people who are completely misinformed nutritionally.  I appreciate that a lot of them have military backgrounds and might have good workout techniques.  But I got into a heated discussion with one of them when they recommended eating a spoonful of peanut butter after a workout.  I'm not quite sure how to educate them when they've already cooked up an image their heads.  This group is really important to me and these are my friends.  Abandoning it is not an option.

Any advice?

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on July 15, 2015
at 05:09 PM

Was talking to a Pilates teacher today: her doctor (traditional western medicine) advised her to ditch dairy and grain for her joint pains. It worked... She was obviously unaware she is now following a Paleo-ish diet, but her doctor may not be so naive, and is probably Paleo friendly, but he doesn't mention the word when giving advice to his patients, probably to avoid conflict or get reported for giving 'dangerous' advice!


on July 11, 2015
at 03:30 PM

Don't tell other aduts that what they're doing is misguided and wrong. You will get a bad reaction. Instead, offer suggestions and lead by example. Also, many people on paleo and primal eat according to their needs - some people eat rice and quinoa, others don't. Someone suggesting to eat peanut butter is better than wheat pasta; in other words, pick your battles.



on July 11, 2015
at 08:19 AM

I would not talk about paleo to anyone who is not family or friends or genuinely interested in changing diet. They will say you are not a scientist, even though nutritionists are the lowest form of science, and in my case, even though I am a scientist. Why waste energy? Long term those who have an interest in bettering their lives will find their way, they need only a little help some of the time. Those who defer to some authority figure will do worse, not just with their health but with their finances and a host of other important aspects of life.



on July 10, 2015
at 10:59 AM

Watch this video, and pay attention to the part where Robb Wolf walks on, that's the key: https://vimeo.com/27792352



on July 12, 2015
at 08:19 PM

'Life's too short!' :)

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