Vit D, Selenium, Colostrum, Probiotics, Fish Oils, & Magnesium; How do you take them together?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 30, 2012 at 2:44 AM

If you take any of these supplements how to you take them?

I think Magnesium is better at night

Colostrum with probiotics

Vitamin D with fatty meal

Fish Oils if I eat a omega-6 fatty meal

Any thoughts?

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5 Answers


on November 30, 2012
at 06:01 AM

I take magnesium at night before bed with some Zinc and B-vitamins. The Vitamin D I take with Fish Oil and my BPC in the morning.



on December 12, 2012
at 02:44 AM

I take them all in the morning, including the Vitamin D and Magnesium. I don't find that there's any benefits to breaking them up in the day personally.


on December 12, 2012
at 12:34 AM

I personally am cautious about supplements and instead try to get all of my nutrition from foods.

I do take some vitamin D this time of year when the days start to get really short, and take them in the morning after my breakfast, which is usually fairly high in fat (i.e. eggs). Seems to make sense to have the vitamin D start in your system in the morning and be there all day when you would normally have sun exposure, rather than taking it at night.

I don't think there's ever a bad time to have probiotic foods (yogurt, kombucha, etc).


on December 11, 2012
at 02:07 PM

I take my probotics with only water so stomach acids don't increase and destroy the bacteria.


on December 02, 2012
at 07:58 PM

I take all my vitamins in the morning, except for magnesium and probiotics. Multi is taken with breakfast otherwise it sometimes makes me feel nauseous. Probiotics taken with meals. Magnesium taken in evening, around dinner time.

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