Topical Vitamin D?

Asked on June 25, 2016
Created June 25, 2016 at 5:15 PM

I recently watched a video from a health Youtuber where she said she used topical vitamin D instead of oral because she felt absoroption was better. This definitely rang a bell for me: when I tried oral magnesium back in the day it did nothing but making me go more to the bathroom with no positives noticed, whereas topical magnesium is so wonderful that I know for certain I´ll feel worst on any day I don´t take it. 

The D gets all the praise in the world, but to be honest I don´t feel much of a difference whether I take it or not. I´ve been having oral D3/K2 for a long time and I´m still waiting to see those wonderful results so many people talk about. Actually, zinc, which is the other supplement I take, is also above D3 in terms of how much I notice it on my mental and physical wellbeing. That video made me research about topical vitamin D and found some interesting articles. Unfortunately I can´t link to them for this is my first post, so I´ll just write the Google search after the colons below; if you wanna read them make the search and click on the first Google result.

Study shows topical increased absorption over oral: vitamindwiki topical randomized controlled pilot study

Comparing both absoprtions: vitamindwiki topical might be more bio-available

A great analysis by a hollistic nutrionist: holisticallyhaute better oral or transdermal vitamin D

What do you guys think? If any of you have tried topical D let me know if there was any difference, and also any brand recommendations would be appreciated :)

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