Root Canal vs Tooth extraction?

Asked on May 03, 2013
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Just back from the dentist to be told I have a large cavity in one of the back teeth. Needless to say I was annoyed when I asked her to check the x-rays from last year (had been having tooth pain for at least 2 years) and she said it was not a clear shot of the tooth to tell if the cavity had been there for a while. Anyway have been gluten-free for approx 7mths and Paleo for about 5 and most of the tooth sensitivity had gone. So very surprised when she showed me the x rays how deep the cavity went.

Have to go for additional x-ray (am in the UK and was on the NHS) but what are the implications of root canal vs tooth extraction?

From initial research/Googling although root canal may save the tooth - I am worried about the implications of surgery, what they have to leave in there and also systemic effects as I have a history of musculoskeletal pain on that side of my body as well as trigger point referral pain in previous dental work.

I don't ideally want to lose the tooth - but if it is a fine line would extraction actually have less negatives for a back tooth in the long run?

I also have a number of other small/beginning cavities all around these teeth on the right side so clearly a weakness of some sort. My lifestyle is fairly stressed as a single mum of young child - so what can I do/eat to promote healing from the extraction (which I am leaning towards) and help remineralisation/prevent more trouble from these teeth?

I am 30 years old, no medication, 90% Paleo but variable quality of food from organic grass fed, through to supermarket meat - with fairly low budget and time. Thanks in advance! :)

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