Post surgery diet, supplements, and herbal remedies

Asked on July 16, 2014
Created July 16, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Hello all,

A person very dear to me is going into surgery (for a uterin wall sort of problem ) and I am going to be taking care of her during her recovery.

She is not paleo, no junk food, but she has been eating commercial dairy and bread on a daily basis

I am planning to make her a sort of Gaps intro + supplements kind of thing

With lots of broths, tender meat, livers, fish and vegetables, before adding green juices and raw veggies

but I was wondering about the fermented food though, should they be avoided after surgery ? Could they cause infection or is it ok ? or is it recommended even ?

Other than that I was thinking cod liver oil supplement, + additional vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, magnesium and selenium

does this sound good? and what are the best forms of these vitamins and minerals

also melatonin in case of night problems and for the antioxydant effect

I am also looking into natural painkillers and antimicrobials. appart from turmeric and garlic what else is there that has worked for you guys or for your loved ones ?

Would you have anything to add ? Like some specific massages or gentle movements for exercise ?


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