Experience with olive leaf extract?

Asked on August 30, 2015
Created July 18, 2011 at 7:04 PM

Does anyone have any experience with olive leaf extract?

Before going paleo, I began taking it during seasons in which I usually got sick. It did seem to help with my allergies/colds/etc., but I really can not be sure of what helped/hurt me back when I was eating relatively "healthy" SAD. Since going paleo, I haven't gotten sick ONCE, and my immune system is now definitely way stronger than even its best during my pre-paleo days.

I have been taking it since going paleo, but I am wondering if it still has a place in my regimen now or if it is a waste of money, or possibly hurting me. I thought "why not" due to its benefits, but am currently taking a good look at my supplementation and am willing to tinker with it (supplementation otherwise includes vitamin D, whole food multi, probiotic, ZMA, fish oil, creatine).

Supposedly, it has several beneficial properties including: -antioxidant -antibiotic/antiviral ("nature's antibiotic" -blood sugar control -cardiovascular benefits -allergy help

Wondering if anyone has any positive/negative experiences with OLE and/or any findings to share.

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4 Answers



on October 04, 2013
at 05:17 PM

I'm using an olive leaf extract nasal spray to try to get rid of a sinus infection - it also has xylitol which prevents bacteria from sticking to surfaces Olive leaf extract is both antibacterial and possibly antifungal.

I've not taken it orally, so I'm not sure what effect it would have on beneficial gut flora, but it's probably safe. It can probably kill off the bad guys just fine. I've also used oregano oil for things like toothpaste, but careful with that, it can kill off the good with the bad - it's like an antibacterial nuke. (I've recently switched to cassia/cinnamon extract for the homemade toothpaste and it seems to work even better.)

Coconut oil is also antibacterial, but only to gram negative bacteria (the bad guys), so perhaps save your money and cook with coconut oil and you're all set.


on July 18, 2011
at 09:27 PM

Like many herbs, Olive Leaf has more than one action. I use it primarily as an antiinfective, prophylactially and when any type of acute symptoms occur. I have low blood pressure (quite normal for me, but nonetheless low) and so I take a smaller dose if I am going to be active. I will take a larger dose at bedtime. For a real "bear" of an infection, I combine it with echinacea and goldenseal for a short period of time. A drawback of echinacea is that it can be harder on the liver.

I had been using echinacea and then echinacea+goldenseal for many years - since the mid 80's, and worked with an allopahtic healthcare provider who is also an herbalist who introduced me to olive leaf a few years ago. It's important to be aware of all the possible effects - such as bloodsugar,BP and cardiac.



on October 05, 2013
at 01:29 AM

Thanks for the info. I will put it to good use. I do use coconut oil, but not as often as I should it would seem. I read Dr. Mercolas info on cholesterol and such and am kind of in the middle of the road. So much contradicting info that it becomes very confusing to say the least. I had a heart attack a little over two years ago and was told to watch my cholesterol..... so.... Wishing you well with your sinus condition. They are miserable... Thanks again


on October 03, 2013
at 06:47 AM

I am at present taking Olive leaf extract. I was told there wasn't any side effects or bad interaction with my heart medications. Seemingly this may not be true. I would appreciate it greatly if you would get back to me about the blood sugar, BP and cardiac issues. I don't know if that is because you were taking the goldenseal and Echinacea too??? I am taking it for a UTI and need some help here. I have real issues about taking modern medicines and try to stay away from them like poison. Please help

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