Costochondritis, need help!

Answered on June 27, 2013
Created April 08, 2013 at 3:01 AM

First post, long time avid reader.

After a few years on the weights and in really good shape I decided to give crossfit a try and I believe I over did it. I'm 99% sure I've developed costochondritis in the left side of my sternum/chest.

After a three trips to the doctor (one paleo certified) and my own experimentation I was showing some decent progress. I worked myself back up to yoga, foam rolling, sprints and light/body weight exercises with little residual pain.

After around 3 months of this I felt good enough to give the weights a try again on a light workout and it didn't bother me much. The next day I went to stretch opening my arms wide, then above my head and immediately felt a shock of the costo jolt through my side!!

This is killing me not due to the pain but the fact it is limiting my lifestyle and preventing me from activities that make me happy. I could really use your insight!

I eat a low inflammation, strict paleo diet and when the symptoms are at their worst I'll make an herbal tea with several spices, herbs, honey etc. and that seems to null most of the pain. I refused to take any conventional prescriptions (NSAIDS) that the doctor recommended.

Also I have began taking serrapeptase to combat inflammation and glucosamine/chondrotin to help rebuild some cartilage. I'm about to step up my bone broth/collagen supplement game to give my body more of what it needs to repair the damaged area.

However, I would love to hear any paleo tips I could try to help actually heal the cartilage, not only lessen the pain so I can get back to being fully active!

And if there are any doctors/athletes in the house please elaborate on general recovery time and physical techniques I can try to help the process.

Thanks in advance!

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on June 27, 2013
at 10:27 AM

Sorry, buddy, the only thing that ever cured my incidences of costochondritus was time and patience. Take it easy for a week or two - like, seriously easy, don't exercise intensely at all - and it should go away. If it doesn't might be something more serious; at that point, see a doctor.


on April 08, 2013
at 04:06 PM

bump for more responses



on April 08, 2013
at 03:30 AM

the only thing that helped with my costochondritis was not exercising my upper body for a few months. i mostly stuck to walking (running hurt) and lower body exercises. I used a cream which helped a lot, too. it's a boswellia cream.


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