Best supplements for candida and other pathogens

Answered on February 19, 2015
Created September 02, 2014 at 10:47 PM

Hey there. Thanks in advance to all of those who will give their advice.

After adding Mct oil to my diet and getting some weird symptoms, it made me realize that I very probably still have some sort of either yeast or bacterial overgrowth that remains from many rounds of antibiotics a few years back. And I would like to take care of this, and I feel like diet alone, although very helpful, might not be enough to get to the bottom of it all.

What worked well for you ?

I was thinking to get prescript assist, and some antifungal/ antibacterial combo with a biofilm disruptor. And to pair that with a few weeks of just meat and veggies, no fruit no starch.
How long would this take ?
and what were the best supplements you have had experience with when adressing lingering bacterial/yeast problems ?


Gracias amigos

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3 Answers



on February 19, 2015
at 06:23 PM

If you want to CURE, Candia, google something called the mccombs plan, it is the only protocol that gets rid of both forms of candida, the fungus and yeast. Hope this helps! 



on September 03, 2014
at 12:20 AM

Avoid supplements that treat mysterious diseases that cause vague sympotoms. 

SIBO… needs the right resistant starch/fiber, not a carb-free diet. Candida… if you have a fungal infection, your best bet is an anti-fungal medication prescribed by a bonafide doctor. 



on September 03, 2014
at 06:45 PM

I will tell you what worked for me, please do not consider it medical advice, just my experience:

1. I had all kinds of medical tests done for everything imaginable and unimagible. I highly recommend going through a number of tests if you have any kind of medical issues.

The results were: SIBO, Candida Albicans (based on blood and stool test), gut dysbiosis, hyperinsulinemia, etc. I was treated by a doctor. I do not believe in self-medicating yourself.

2. The best thing for bacterial/yeast infection is to find out what exactly is wrong with you. If you do not know for sure, do not attempt anything.

3. Trust your body. See how your body reacts to certain foods. Pay attention, it will tell you.

4. Check your liver. I do recommend doing a liver flush using grapefruit juice and olive oil. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I do recommend it for people who do not have gastritis or ulcer. Liver is an important organ and it gets damaged from medication, etc.

5. 99.99% of all supplements did nothing for me, I only wasted my money. Just as 99.99% of all doctor-prescribed meds, they did more harm than good. There was just one supplement that helped, but I am not sure it is right for you, so I am not going to mention it. It was for bile flow.

6. I recommend consuming more beets, wild salmon, olive oil and bitter greens (cooked).

Hope this helped.

  • I forgot to mention - I no longer have SIBO or Candida. The treatment worked.
  • As for FODMAPS - it works for some and does not work for some.
  • I have tried no fruit no starch diet for a year and all meat diet for six months.
  • Make sure to up your carbs every third day for proper thyroid function. 

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