Anyone here not use supplements?

Answered on September 18, 2013
Created September 18, 2013 at 7:04 PM

Hey guys,

I currently supplement a few things such as, ZMA, Vit D3, Iodine, multi vitamin/mineral and fish oils. I also use whey and creatine. I was considering dropping all my supplements to save money and because by using cronometer I realised I can pretty much hit almost everything without much difficulty if I eat a typical paleo diet with a decent emphasis on food variety. Most my deficiencies I checked online for foods that I could incorporate to fill the gaps so most arent a problem. I am planning on continuing Vit D3 since I live in the UK (no sun basically) and keeping fish oils since I won't be eating fatty fish daily, so I will use fish oils on days I dont eat fatty fish. I will also be keeping the whey and creatine since they are quite cheap and useful in my muscle gaining venture.

Does anyone see any problems with this, or should I just keep up a strong supplement regime for 'safety'. Also I don't use probiotics since I make homemade sauerkraut and eat full fat greek yoghurt frequently enough.

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on September 18, 2013
at 07:16 PM

depending on your diet there is no problem, assuming your working off RDA(chronometer 100%?) the minimum RDA may not be Optimal paleo, also things like not absorbing 100% of vitamins in food or local variance in food (real food/food from your region may not match chronometer for better or for worse) or loss of vitamins to neutralize toxins.

but thats just nit-picking, if you eat a varied nutrient dense diet with a correct lifestyle then in theory you need no supplements.

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