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Asked on August 13, 2014
Created August 13, 2014 at 5:54 AM

what testosterone is two males alrightthat's that's a simplistic way to think about well if you???re a male who wants to maximize the Nitro X Proseries effectiveness the testosterone you want to have a ton of estrogen floating around so you want to avoid behaviors and lifestyle choices that course that conversion into after gym now let's say you're in a situation a lot of guys are your overweight you can't gain lean muscle mass you keep losing the lean muscle mass you don't have enough energy to go workout you're stressed out your honor hire fined sugar diet you're going to be pushing these and you're going to have all the symptoms of low testosterone.

what if I were to look at your chart and we just tested testosterone and that slow because it's all week and after did so we look at that we say well you know what let's give them some test often if we give you testosterone what's to keep that testosterone we gave you from following the same path that your natural testosterone followed that left Nitro X Proseries you alone the first place now you're riding the gas in the brakes when you take testosterone you increase your testosterone levels but you also in turn increase your estrogen levels that doesn't necessarily fix the problem.


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