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The meantime people live in the real world now and they grapple with reducing their way and maintaining a healthy weight and it's at this level that nutrition professionals can impact so many people in need and play are-ole Nitro Shred in addressing this crisis but the question is how do we do this effectively and the slide really sums up why I chose to focus on this topic personally I've said this quote plenty of times and I???ve heard it from friends and family on TV you name it seems to be fundamental part of human nature that it's hard to change but what struck me though was when I started attending nutrition conferences in speaking with my peers and I found that it's really a struggle for nutrition professionals to you they put their heart and soul into helping people and it's a real challenge to be effective cell let's look at the numbers evidence in common experience suggests that well it's easy to gain weight it can be huge challenge loosely and maintain a healthy way on in a large population study fewer than two percent of women who lost percent of their body weight between the ages and were able to keep it off until age fifty another study showed that one year after weight loss greater than percent of.

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