Am I insane? (night vision)

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 12, 2010 at 10:03 PM

Something strange has been happening to me. Lately I have noticed that when I walk to the train station at night after work (usually around 11:30PM), that I am seeing things I have never seen before. A few months ago when I was walking down the very same paths with the same lighting at the same hours it was terribly dark to me. I realized this one night when I was struck by how bright things seemed and looked up for a full moon, but only found a tiny sliver. I see color in the night sky now when before it was inky blackness.

I changed to a whole foods high-fat, low-sugar, grain-free diet a few months ago and have experienced many benefits, but I was never expecting this. Has this happened to anyone else? I feel like a super hero with night vision or something.



on December 19, 2011
at 04:59 AM

lol! Lovely, lovely data.



on December 13, 2010
at 03:13 PM

Love the *superpowers* tag.



on December 12, 2010
at 10:14 PM

Nice. You might like this thread, Cat Woman. :-) http://paleohacks.com/questions/1943/some-small-and-quirky-differences-you-have-noticed-since-going-paleo

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7 Answers


on December 13, 2010
at 12:29 PM

The nightsight is likely tied to increased Retinol intake. Known to cure night blindness, and enhance night vision.

Retinol is the long chain Vitamin A, found in meat, fish, egg yolks. Don't confuse it with the Beta Carotene that is sometimes labeled vitamin A. It's far more effective for humans to let an animal convert it for us.


on December 13, 2010
at 01:06 AM

First it was my sense of smell improving http://paleohacks.com/questions/5930/old-senses-seem-new-sense-of-smell

Then my eyesight has been noticeably improving. Anecdotally, I've definitely 'seen' changes.

I've stopped wearing my glasses because they are now a bit too strong. I'm waiting for January, so that i can get a new eye exam and see if the prescription has changed.

Then, I'll have data to talk about.

Mmmmm, data.



on December 19, 2011
at 04:59 AM

lol! Lovely, lovely data.


on December 19, 2011
at 04:55 AM

i never knew just how vitamin deficient i was until i added two carrots per day to my diet. my vision is now back to where i was 20 years ago. so is my skin . when i wash my face it feels like a baby's ass.


on December 19, 2011
at 03:50 AM

That is some craaazy/awesome stuff. I've noticed vision changes too and totally thought I was going insane. I've always had terrible vision, but yesterday I was walking down the street looking up and reading a billboard off in the distance. It didn't register to me as anything strange considering I was wearing glasses, but then I remembered that the glasses I was wearing were non-prescription. O_o



on December 12, 2010
at 11:34 PM

My eyesight has definitely improved since going Paleo (i'm farsighted and am perpetually frustrated at only needing reading glasses to see). At first, I also thought I was crazy, but I did find other people on-line who also reported improved eye-sight from this diet. It was pretty profound at first. I don't notice it as much now as I did at first, but definitely.....you are NOT imagining things!

Yay. Cool, huh?!



on December 19, 2011
at 05:39 AM

Well. My hearing has improved a whole lot since I started paleo. I used to have a clock on my night-table next to the bed, which was fine because I never heard any ticking. Now I've got to have that clock all the way accross the room or the ticking drives me mad.

My theory about it all is that something I used to eat caused... what? Something to plug up the inside of my ear, I think.

It's just amazing what I can hear now.



on December 13, 2010
at 04:52 PM

My poor night sight has improved too since going Paleo about 9 month ago.

Have you read this? http://paleohacks.com/questions/6984/experience-in-healing-eyesight-on-the-paleo-diet#axzz180koCCsS

...and a blog post in German: http://kikilula.blogspot.com/2010/11/verbesserung-der-sehfahigkeit-hoffnung.html

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