How long will it take to cure leaky gut

Answered on November 11, 2015
Created November 08, 2015 at 8:24 PM

so for the last few months my stool has been getting progressively worse and worse and now its hard push um out and when they do come out they come out as little balls... thank you 20 years of shitty food 

anyways so iv started intermittant fasting and the keto diet 

i basically eat eggs, steak, coconut oil, ground beef, chicken thighs, bacon, almonds, brazil nuts, cheese, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, brocolli and asperigus 

i have a refeed every 10 days. ill eat quinoa, and pretty much and fruits and veg i feel like 

im gonna go out and pick up some glutamin, and probiotics


im taking a multivitamin, b complex, zinc, magnesium, inositol, and fish oils 

im deficiant in zinc and b12 but those seem to be getting cured pretty fast 


my poops seem to be getting a little better each so im happy but how soon can i expect it to be cured or atleast have nicley formed smooth sliding poops

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on November 09, 2015
at 11:40 AM

Quinoa is not paleo, it contains saponins that will cause leaky gut.


Glutamine is a great idea, as is consuming home made bone broth.


Going low carb can cause gut issues, you're better off feeding your gut flora than starving them, as many of the species there will start eating the mucus layer protecting your gut lining, causing damage in the process.


If you must stay low carb, at least supplement with Dr. Grace Liu's "Bionic Fiber" which is 1 tablespoon each of green banana or plantain flour, Inulin 1-2 TBS + Acacia Gum 1 TBS + high ORAC green powder in 2 cups water.


Poop that looks like little balls indicates issues with bile, especially if some of them float - this means you're not properly digesting fats, did you have your gall bladder removed?  If so, you'll need to use oxbile before meals that contain fat.  It's probably a good idea to use betaine HCL pills before meals containing protein as well, as it's possible you're hypochloridic (i.e. have low stomach acid), but that's just a guess.



on November 11, 2015
at 06:53 AM

Your gut should heal quickly, except if there's something in the way of the healing, like a bacterial overgrowth, or toxins accumulation from years of a bad lifestyle.

Other supplements you may try are turmeric, clay and activated charcoal. They really sped up the gut healing process for me.

I think if you find what causes your leaky gut and act accordingly you can heal most of it in 1 or 2 months.

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