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I think you get absolutely nothing right yeah diet 100percent guys Diane yeah getting cable supplements atoll you think you would be making would you still compete were you thinking of course you read the estimates may know it's definitely a mental advantage you get with supplement she believe they're making a difference yes or a placebo effect yeah in most supplements so here's my take on another question I'm I believe most guys don't even your think about supplements or even worry about them they do make a 5-10 percent difference assuming you're Diane your train your dial then here's my thing on supplementing going to give you guys an analogy of like the big screen TV the final finish seems on your house the leather couches on when you're purchasing in new house and if you don't have the groundwork play if you don't have the framework up you know how the walls the foundation built then you really have no business worrying about what kind of TV what kind of couches and what kind of finishing you going to put in the house yet that's what guys are doing geyser asking about that about the big screen TV first us know what kind sound system should we get for the house what kind of via hot tub sure we get and having been built the house yet that's what guys are doing itsrediculous its it spits at you got your everything backwards on the make a 52 10 percent difference guys literally at it they don't make any mean if your strip all the supplements from my program in all the supplements from yours I'd still probably be within five to ten percent how I look right now Julia and I truly believe that some guys got to get the training in getting to that guy in order and then worry

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