ughhhh... one week in, and I failed.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 24, 2012 at 7:32 AM

I was one week in, with dairy, and I felt so good. Then tonight I went to a party where there were chocolate chip cookies and.. needless to say, one wasn't enough for me. I also had rice and legumes tonight.

I feel so guilty... bloated and gross. At least now I know the harm that carbs and sugar actually do. Obviously, I'm hoping this won't happen again, but what can I expect for the next few days?

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12 Answers


on November 24, 2012
at 11:11 AM

You didn't fail... you had some cookies. They're delicious and they always will be. As time goes by cravings get more manageable. Mainly because of the disappointment you feel right now. You'll just come around to feel it's not worth it.

If you're really concerned you won't be able to control yourself, set up specific times when you can give into cravings. This will at least give you a sense of organization, isolating the damage. From there, I bet you'll find you eventually become far less interested in eating flour and sugar.

It's just not as good as you remember.



on November 24, 2012
at 01:42 PM

Not trying to be insensitive, but... Get over it. Get back on track and don't let it happen again. At least now you know that the "reward" ain't worth the squeeze



on November 25, 2012
at 05:06 AM

Maybe I'm misreading your intention asking this, but the whole "I failed" thing sounds like asking for permission to quit because it is too hard. Permission denied. If you want to do this you can, you just need to reframe your expectations of what it is going to be like.

You didn't fail, you did an experiment, one that you'll probably have to repeat dozens of times before it sticks (not all of us are fast learners about connecting the act of putting something in our mouths and the subsequent pain). Negative reinforcement works...eventually, it just takes enough times of feeling sick before you stop seeing the things that make you feel ill as food. It'll happen, and then the times between testing it will get longer and longer, but I bet even the strictest paleo eater occasionally takes a bite of horrid sheet cake at a work party just to remember the nastiness. Cheating can actually be a tool to stay on track if you use it as a learning moment to clarify the parameters of what good food is to you.

Things to look out for if it seems like you can't learn from you mistakes, and are spinning your wheels would an underlying eating disorder, or the tendency for self-sabotage because you don't feel like you deserve to feel well, both would likely require the perspective of some outside counseling to tackle.


on November 24, 2012
at 02:18 PM

Who cares?

Get back on that wagon with a steak and buttered veggies! It'll be like nothing ever happened!


on November 24, 2012
at 01:51 PM

So 10 days ago you probably knew that chocolate chip cookies weren't good for you and you probably ate them anyway now and again. You may have had a completely different view about rice and/or beans. Now you know that if you eat some or all of these things they make you feel bloated and gross. I suspect you don't want that. So you may choose to do it less in the future or at least you now know the consequences.

Feeling guilty. What's that all about? Have you set yourself some ridiculous standard you can't maintain? The only person judging you is you. So what do you need to get over? Have you got some target that you've just sabotaged by eating the cookies? Lighten up. The cookies won't kill you and other than that you've had some minor setback to a plan. Is this how you react to all your setbacks in life? You do have setbacks in other aspects of your life, don't you.

Get on the horse again and go for a ride. It's no big deal. Try, fail, try, try, succeed, fail, try, succeed, succeed, fail etc.

Good luck



on November 24, 2012
at 07:52 AM

'When you crash off your diet'


Read this. It's too long to copy and paste but it's good advice for this situation. Don't panic!


on November 24, 2012
at 10:25 PM

Those in the "who cares" camp, why even comment if you dont care.

As far as what to expect; because when you make a commitment like PALEO to your way of life, its a big move in and of itself, so any falter is more than just a blip to the psyche, you need to refocus, and forgive yourself for the "over cheat", as it would seem.

Get your head back to where it was; remember how good you felt then, and how bad you feel now, and all of the benefits that going PALEO offers.

I went 3 months before a cheat, and it was small, but I still felt it. Afterwards, I had an insatiable appetite, a sure sign that I had gone back to the dark side, but 2 days of resisting, I no longer had the urge to eat anything but what I should eat.

Remember, PALEO is a lifestyle, and it is about what you do eat, not what you do not eat.

Be well, be strong, and live long on PALEO.



on November 24, 2012
at 02:48 PM

It happens to everyone in one form or another. You've gotten lots of good suggestions here. A misstep is not a failure. Good luck.


on November 24, 2012
at 10:00 PM

Next time you go to a party take something paleo with you to share. That way you have something you can enjoy without cheating. This is a great recipe for cookies.




on November 24, 2012
at 09:31 PM

Some people see good results having cheat days once a week even, I don't think you failed at all even.



on November 24, 2012
at 03:40 PM

I'm in the who cares camp. Do a few extra reps at the gym and try to go another week without having them again.

Anything is fine in moderation.


on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

Tim Ferriss suggests air squats after eating chocolate cake :)

Actually a good way to deal with the anxiety is to do a marathon workout and then go back to paleo.

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