Sugar content in greek yogurt and other cultured products?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 30, 2012 at 12:47 AM

I'd like to add greek yogurt to my diet, but I'm a bit concerned that A. is it really pale? B. what about the sugar?

one carton of chobani's greek yogurt has something like 30+ grams of sugar, however, i remember reading that this is the sugar listed at packaging, and the amount of sugar actually goes down as it ferments.

same goes for coconut kefir type products- are these too sugary?

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2 Answers



on October 30, 2012
at 01:17 AM

Do you mean sugar as in carb content or as in actual sugar? If you eat yoghurt, only eat the unsweetened stuff. Most every brand contains a plain version.

As for whether it's Paleo, strictly speaking dairy is not Paleo, it's Primal, but many people find it tolerable, especially fermented dairy like kefir and yoghurt, or raw milk if you can get your hands on it. Whether you should be eating it depends on how your body tolerates it.


on October 30, 2012
at 04:49 AM

Yogurt is considered primal, not paleo, which is basically immaterial if you tolerate it. Get plain full-fat yogurt...anything added is just extra sugar. If you have problems with lactose intolerance you might consider trying goat or sheep milk yogurt.

Don't really know about store bought kefir products, I imagine they are probably sweet for consumer appeal. But I understand that it is really easy to make your own and it would have very little sugar left in it after the fermentation process is complete.

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