Ridiculous Carb (and Sugar) Cravings

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 08, 2013 at 3:42 AM


So while in general I am a pretty active person (running, spinning, weight training, yoga, etc. 5x/week), I've only hit the gym 2x this week.. and yet every day this week I have wanted to sit down with a huge bowl of pasta and butter (a meal that usually repulses me!) followed by chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Any thoughts on why? Any substitutions? I tried eating more sweet potatoes and fruit, but ended up still wanting the pasta and chocolate. I resisted the pasta, but I have been picking on my friend's bag of M&Ms as well as on some super dark chocolate. (If anyone can tell me about the chemicals in M&Ms and why they're awful for the body, it would be much appreciated- it seems I cannot resist the sweet colorful chocolates when my friend insists I take a few but perhaps I can be scared out of wanting them)

Is this just a few days of carb & sugar cravings that will pass soon? Do you guys find you crave crap food every once in a while? Does giving in to you cravings only make them last longer?


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on March 08, 2013
at 03:59 AM

Chocolate cravings could be a magnesium deficiency. In either case, you ought to just eat a bunch of fruit.



on March 08, 2013
at 03:49 AM

Try white potatoes instead of pasta. A few mnms won't kill you.

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7 Answers



on March 08, 2013
at 04:18 AM

protein deficiency. it gives you cravings for oddly everything BUT protein i.e. carbs, caffeine, fat, junk foods. eat a few sirloin steaks or chicken breasts and you'll be good. keep the protein up


on March 08, 2013
at 03:50 AM

Two things...make sure your getting plenty of sleep

Try a fermented food or some kind of probiotic... a lot of the time sugar cravings happen when your gut isn't properly absorbing nutrients in the first place.

I usually crave carb when i'm tired..or haven't had sauerkraut in a while


on March 08, 2013
at 05:05 AM

Carb cravings, chocolate cravings and lots of exercise point to magnesium deficiency. Have you tried Natural Calm or one of the other magnesium supplements?


on March 08, 2013
at 04:53 AM

Roasted Butternut Squash always satisfy my sweet tooth and there is no need what-so-ever to feel guilty about noshing on this delicious veggie (or fruit if you really want to get technical! lol)...


on March 08, 2013
at 04:38 AM

After a serious session of resistance training I often feel the need for a huge, hot meal. Just in general. It's a point where I'm historically vulnerable to breaking diet, by throwing in a few non-Paleo carbs.


on March 08, 2013
at 04:34 AM

I'm in the SAME boat, except I'm well rested, am on day 16 of a Whole30 (so no protein deficiency here). I seriously can only think about chocolate chip cookies, cheesy pizza and all the sweets from Trader Joe's and these cravings are intense ones... I'm gonna perhaps give myself a cheat meal tomorrow, because I need one.



on March 08, 2013
at 04:33 AM

i'd say the sweetest fruit you could eat are dates. they are like my version of chocolate. if you wanna get really decadent, cut the date in half and spread it with coconut oil/butter. it is out of this world good.

sometimes you just want something sweet. i don't think it necessarily means you are deficient in minerals or vitamins.

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