Pregnancy and Sugar

Answered on August 19, 2014
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Can Sugar starvation damage the baby?

During the last few months of pregnancy, there is often a craving for sweet things, which should be satisfied with fruit. The potassium in fruit has an effect like that of insulin, so that sugar from the fruit can become available to cells without over-stimulating insulin secretion.

During pregnancy the mother's body adapts to live increasingly on fat, so that most of the sugar which is available can be used by the baby. The brain uses most of the body's glucose, so mental fatigue can easily affect the blood sugar level. The developing baby is extremely dependent on glucose for its energy supply, and its brain can be damaged by sugar starvation.

Ray Peat, Nutrition for Women, fifth edition, page 64.



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I wonder if Inuit women get sugar cravings as well. Sally Fallon says no sugar to pregnant women. But I don't see any harm in consuming fruits. I am not an expert though. Would love to see Dragonfly's answer.

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I rather doubt that our bodies would ever starve the baby of glucose, if there is sufficient protein (or fat) for gluconeogenesis. Would not make sense for survival.

Our bodies are pretty smart!

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