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Answered on August 25, 2013
Created July 27, 2013 at 4:39 AM


I've been interested in paleo for the past few months but have only been able to follow it for a few weeks at a time and I'm frustrated. I don't have a problem with whats allowed and whats not allowed...except that I'm...a sugar addict (first step is acceptance, ya?) I started back up on monday and by wednesday I had a nice plate of paleo pumpkin cookies baking in the oven and finished the plate today (friday) and on top of that I had a whole pint of So Delicious coconut ice cream and now my stomach is killing me (surprise).

Anyone else struggle with intense sugar cravings? I really want to prove to myself that I'm not addicted to anything and that I can have the will power to withstand something that brings very temporary pleasure (and then makes me feel terrible) but most of all I just really want to be healthy. I'm 5'5 and 130 so I'm not overweight but I'm soft.

I just gave away my bag of dark chocolate and am thinking of doing a 21 day sugar detox, anyone else have experience with this?

Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

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on August 25, 2013
at 05:02 PM

I have had success with using fruit to cut my sugar cravings. Other thing is are you eating because you are bored or are you actually hungry? I dont like fasts or cleanses personally and just eat a grape rather than a bit of chocolate.



on July 28, 2013
at 01:00 PM

I reccomend a 3 day sugar detox, odnt scare the mind with a 21 day. Just try three days with only fruit sugar (no honey, maple, yada yada). See how you fell then extend it. Find other treeat for those day. (apples and almond butter, ants on a log, banana pudding).

If after 3 days you wanna keep going. GREAT! maybe even cut out the fruit for that one, but take small doable steps. you got a long healthy life ahead of you : )


on July 28, 2013
at 10:39 AM

I think these things take time, and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. I am a couple years in and I still like sweet things, and I will occasionally indulge, even though I know it doesn't feel great afterwards. But, I am getting better. I have learnt that if I don't have it in the house, I can't eat it, so I just don't buy it! I just keep a bag of frozen blueberries in the freezer when I want something sweet.


on July 27, 2013
at 05:41 AM

Definitely try a water only fast. That really broke my sugar cravings.

The problem I had with paleo initially was that I was so addicted to carbs that my muscles would literally lock and feel like rusty gears. I had to lay down, especially with my spine aching like never before. Now, I'm feeling so much better. I finally defeated the demon that is excessive carbs!

You could ease into it, but definitely check out that fast. Do it for about four to five days. Then, go paleo. Your body will love you for even eating an apple. lol


on July 27, 2013
at 05:25 AM

Welcome Mace!

I very intelligent lady cough Dragonfly cough once told me...Paraphrased "Magnesium can really help to ease sugar cravings as well as provide you with a more rested sleep, which also helps to control those cravings for sugar."

Not sure what supplements you take now, if any, but I would definitely include magnesium!


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