Killing fungus/Candida while eating sugar?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 17, 2012 at 5:47 PM

I've been rotating olive leaf extra, oil, oil of oregano, coconut oil (topically and internal), and cloves of garlic with every-single meal! Plus, I have been driking organic goat milk kefir, coconut kefir, and homemade fermented veggies. My skin and vaginal discharge that I have had for years on and off seem to be a lot clearer! Is this possible? I dunno when and if I should stop taking the antifungals. I just want my gut to be repopulated. I mean as long as I keep taking probiotics, and the anitfungals, the bad guys won't even have a chance to repopulate while the good ones will crowd them out right?

I haven't had gluten in years, and i recently stopped all grains, nuts and legumes. This is my first time consuming any kind of dairy in over 3 years, and the goat milk didn't harm me at all!!

I'm sure I have acne=+folliculites from candida and gut flora digestive problems!



on December 17, 2012
at 05:57 PM

Sounds like you're doing everything right. I'd consider adding Fermented Cod Liver Oil to your regimen and a magnesium supplement (beware, most magnesium supplements suck.)

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on December 17, 2012
at 09:46 PM

Glad to hear you are seeing results but typically, implementing a probiotic regimen while simultaneously trying to kill candida and heal leaky gut wont work to completely eliminate the problem, its better to follow a sequence. Check out thecandidadiet.com forums for the Able & Raster protocol and ways to heal leaky gut which accompanies candida in virtually every instance. Once you can get a handle on the leaky gut the candida die-off will be less hard on your system and it will be easier to repopulate the gut with good bacteria, or even better cause a probiotic environment to develop by adding some resistant starch into your diet once your are able to tolerate it.

- heal leaky gut (or significant steps in that direction)
- anti-candida protocol (rotating your antivirals as you mention above)
- probiotic / repopulation protocol
Is the sequence I would recommend and has worked well for myself and many others

heres the link

Best of luck and good health to you

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