How much fructose is in acorn squash?

Answered on February 07, 2014
Created February 06, 2014 at 5:24 AM

I'm definitely sensitive to fructose and need to limit it. Does anyone know how much acorn squash contains? I'm not sure if it is all glucose, fructose, a mix of the two, nor even how much sugar is in acorn squash to begin with.

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on February 07, 2014
at 02:46 AM

Squash are awesome if you are low carb, they pack a lot of nutrition, flavor and sweetness even though they have a negligible amount of carbs. You could eat quite a lot of it before reaching 50g net carbs (which tends to be my personal limit).



on February 07, 2014
at 12:32 AM

Buttercup is a kabocha type. All taste very similar, and yes indeed they are the best. So much flavor, and not a little nutrition, for so little sugar.



on February 06, 2014
at 11:32 PM

I was wondering this about butterCUP squash. Not butternut. buttercup. Oh my Lordy this is the best thing I have ever eaten. I've been eating it several times a week sprinkled with cinnamon. I gained a little weight too. I blame the squash but I am so unhappy without it.

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on February 06, 2014
at 08:04 PM

The USDA database has the sugar breakdown for many foods if you select the full report. Here is the result for raw apples, which contain 5.9g fructose per 100 grams.


Acorn squash doesn't show the sugar breakdown detail, but butternut is similar and .99g fructose per 100 grams. Sweet potatoes are slightly better on fructose (0.70g per 100g), but higher in other soluble sugars than butternut squash.

Looking through a few of these I came to the realization that these soluble sugars are what make sweet potatoes and winter squashes sweet tasting. Not nearly as much fructose as in apples, but much higher sugar content than regular potatoes (0.34g fructose per 100g).



on February 06, 2014
at 01:42 PM

Not much if any:


Total sugar per 200 gram serving is only 4 grams.



on February 06, 2014
at 05:55 AM

could not find any databases with fructose info on the acorn squash specifically,

but was able to find fructose, glucose & sucrose info on these other types of squashes which may give you some idea,

zucchini here, and

button squash & scallopini squash here (search online database for squash)

These are all types of summer squash (i think), but are from the same family/variety as the acorn squash; Cucurbita pepo

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