How can I stop a continuous hunger?

Answered on February 21, 2015
Created December 30, 2014 at 10:01 PM

Hi folks

I am pretty thin and trying to go paleo.

I eat a fair amount of fat / protein and I never limit my food intake.

However I need to eat a bit every hour or two!

I also keep getting carb and sugar cravings and when I an too hungry I just fall for some :-(

I try eating some nuts but the cravings/hunger won't stop.

my kids are the same by the way and we are all thin. This was also the case before trying paleo.

could it be that we are nutrient depleted and that is why we are hungry all the time? 

What is the paleo view on taking natural food supplements  and superfoods?  

Thanks for reading

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2 Answers


on February 21, 2015
at 09:37 AM

How many servings of veggies are you eating daily? Make sure you have a good mixture of leafy green along with vegetables with more carbs (carrots, broccoli, etc). Veggies and protein are two food groups you could eat all day. Make some soup in a crock pot, so that it is always available (and easy to digest).

I can't tell you what supplements you should be taking. Get some blood tests done to see what areas you are dficient in.


on December 30, 2014
at 10:09 PM

Often if you are craving sugars and "easy calories" you are not eating enough carbs or maybe just not enough food period.  Some people experience continuous hunger as they're cutting carbs and/or under-eating to lose weight.

The reason that many people restrict carbs on Paleo is to lose weight or to address digestive or health issues.  If you don't have any such problems and are thin then you could stand to eat more carbs.  Just make them quality Paleo carbs such as tubers, root vegetables, etc.

When I am working out a lot I can eat more carbs with no problem and it is nice sometimes to have meals with a smaller portion of meat / protein and more vegetables.  You can try making meals with one protein and 3 vegetables, 1 or 2 of which have carbs. Kids especially do better with carbs and have higher metabolisms and need the energy source.

I personally take very few supplements, and only take them when I think I'm deficient and need to correct the deficiency, rather than just taking them all the time.  I prefer to get nutrients from food.  I feel that I am low in magnesium/manganese sometimes and will take a supplement for that occasionally, and I take vitamin D supplements in the winter since I don't get much sun.  But other than that I don't really take anything.  I am highly skeptical of all of the "super foods", I don't think they're nearly as good for you as the manufacturers claim, and you can do just as well by simply eating nutritious whole foods.

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