Headaches, Low-carb, High carb, any advice from fellow headache sufferers?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 09, 2013 at 2:47 AM

Hello, Just curious if anyone on here suffers from headaches and migraines? Before I cut out gluten I was probably around 300 grams of carbs a day. Now I believe I am about 100- 150 with fruit and sweet potato's. I have been getting headaches on a daily basis, my dr is trying different things but today I had a major craving for sugar and gave in, some jelly beans! I had a slight hinge of a headache all day but for some reason that seemed to help it? Not sure if more carbs/sugar helped it. Just wondering if anyone else with headaches or migraines has any experience. Dr just put me on a week of prednisone so I can stop taking migraine pills and hopefully feel a little better. Thanks in advance.

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4 Answers


on May 11, 2013
at 05:24 AM

I get migraines. Since I've gone paleo/keto, my triggers are weather changes or smells.. No more food triggers. Just hit day 100!


on June 08, 2013
at 06:02 PM

I have very frequent migraines and a low-carb Paleo diet has not helped them. I do seem to have more intense migraines on days when I eat a LOT more carbs (esp. sugar) but I don't get rid of my headaches on a low carb Paleo diet. I also found out that I never fat adapted for intense exercise... needed to add a large bowl of fruit before spinning and cycling classes or I'd always hit the wall within 10 minutes. Goes to show we're all different and experimentation is needed. (BTW, Topamax and Botox has helped my migraines a lot. Wish I didn't need them but I do.)


on May 30, 2013
at 07:18 AM

Make a test and drink some water plus a teaspoon of salt and see if it gets better. If it does, this is a sign that you might be running low on sodium. Then try to balance your diet and include some rich foods on sodium, low carb seems to change our needs for salt, carbs do help retaining salt at the kidney so if you go low on them you might find a an increased need.

Of course it could be related to many other things, this might be the first one to suspect, so you try and see if it gets better. If not, second one that comes to mind would be a possible hypoglucemia due to low carb and not using properly your fats for fuel, it can be pretty common when you are not well fat adapted, this is commonly known as the "low carb flu", it usually gets better after several weeks as you start becoming more fat adapted, but I'd suggest to add some carbs back to help dealing with it better than just trying to get through it, then with time you'll start tolerating less carbs, no need to hurry, feeling bad is something to avoid IMO.

Hope that helps!



on July 01, 2013
at 06:47 PM

If it isn't low carb flu/low salt/low magnesium, it could be histamine intolerance. A lot of paleo friendly foods like slow cooked meat, leftovers/cold cuts, and fermented veggies are notorious migraine inducers in sensitive folks.

You can do an experiment. If salted broth cooked overnight makes you feel better it would the low mineral/low carb flu scenerio, but if it makes you feel worse, histamine intolerance should be considered.

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