Cake decorator gone Paleo?

Answered on June 12, 2014
Created June 11, 2014 at 1:51 AM

I am a cake decorator trying to be Paleo but the temptation is killing me! Does anyone have any advice on how to fight cravings and temptation for sweets? I never used to like sweets but now that they are in my face all the time, I'm having a hard time saying no!

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6 Answers


on June 12, 2014
at 04:03 PM

If you're having a craving try to remove yourself from the situation, go for a walk, start talking to someone. Since this is your job that's probably not always possible. Try to have some other satisfying food on hand to prevent you from eating the sweets. I like to keep a green smoothie around for the occasion, all the nutrition of a salad but without the inconvenience.



on June 12, 2014
at 01:01 AM

I went 6 months without ANY type of sweetener--sugar, natural sweeteners, or artificial. It was hard, but it made me very sensitive to sweets. I get nauseous if I smell buttercream frosting, for example--the sugar smell is terrible. But pure, hard abstention was required to get to that point.

You could try wearing a surgical type mask when you are decorating or baking a cake, that would at least prevent sneaking a taste.

And have a good, hearty Paleo meal or snack before you do your work, so that you're not physically hungry.



on June 11, 2014
at 11:35 PM

Easy. Open your own bakery across the street, make it a paleo friendly gluten free place. Bake cakes, pastries, breads from rice, coconut, almond, tapioca, sweet potato flour, etc. Serve high end coffee. Put the competition to shame and take over the world!

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on June 11, 2014
at 03:34 AM

I got rid of sugar cravings by giving myself about a month eating a ketogenic diet where I could indulge in as much as I wanted whenever I wanted as long as it was low carb. Lots of bacon and savory meals etc.


on June 11, 2014
at 03:17 AM

I am totally sugar free except for 2-3 servings of fruit a day, and I'm fairly low carb/high fat paleo.

There is no way id be able to maintain this lifestyle without stevia in my life. I make a lot of little treats for myself and it's great. I'm totally satisfied and I don't deal with sugar sided facts such as weight gain, acne, food comas, etc. plus, making my own desserts makes it really easy to deal this craving sugary stuff.

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on June 11, 2014
at 02:07 AM

Painters don't eat paint. Not even the crazy creative ones. Well, not often. ;) There's no harm in enjoying the smell of the food or the aesthetic value, but I suppose unlike ethical vegetarians, you don't have an excuse for moral outrage against sugar... but maybe you can develop some if you consider all the people who've been killed with diabetes or other sugar-related diseases. Moral outrage against hydrogenated fats should be easy.

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