Binged and feel sick...

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 24, 2012 at 6:28 PM

I've been on paleo for around 3 and a half weeks.

The first two weeks i was great. I didn't take a bit of anything that wasn't paleo.

Then, I went to the movies, and thought I'd "treat" myself with Ben and Jerry's. It was ok, but it made me feel sick.

A few days later I went out for a meal with my friends. Gluten and sugar fest. After that, I started to take bits and pieces of food people offered me. You could say I went on a 4 day binge.

And today, I was upset and pissed off at my mom...so when she left the house I scoffed a 150g milk chocolate bunny (damn you lindt!) a 40g white chocolate bar, and a 40g dark chocolate bar, and a glass of milk.

And when I say scoffed, I mean scoffed. I broke up the bunny and shoved it down my throat, not even enjoying it, and I was thinking "stop stop stop" but I didn't. I have no willpower.

Now I feel lousy and bloated. I'm really disappointed in myself and I feel as if I've let everyone down. (my parents were singing my praises of how much this has worked for me on the first week, now they're saying I look a little chubbier)

But I can't seem to stop, and ever since that night with my friends I've been obsessively thinking about sugar. What annoys me was, before I went to the movies to "treat" myself I had completely eliminated sugar cravings. However, I thought that I could never have junk again, so I felt guilty whilst eating the Ben and Jerry's.

Has anyone got any tips to stop binging? And feeling guilty about it? I beat myself up about everything, I never know how to feel better.

PS, the dark chocolate is making me feel a little better...should I keep slowly eating it?

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on November 30, 2012
at 01:44 AM

Binges happen. That is part of the process of going through a significant life change. The key is to move on and learn from it. You need to get back to your strict diet and don't stray! It takes time to change old habits, especially eating habits. Just don't give up and your will power will grow stronger and stronger. Eventually you won't even be tempted by the junk, the thought of eating it won't even enter your mind and you will be a stronger person for it!

PS I would stop eating any thing to "treat" yourself until yoyu reach the point where it no longer triggers a binge. I am the same way, as soon as I eat one chip I eat the whole bag etc so I just don't eat that one chip and i'm good! I would say the same would be true for the dark chocolate. Don't eat it, at least until you are solid in your will power and dedication to your new life style.


on November 30, 2012
at 01:25 AM

I just had a gross salami sandwich because the roll looked (and WAS incidentally) so fricking delicious.

Safe to say the experience is 100% reinforcing my choice to eat Paleo. I've felt like a super hero for weeks, now I feel bloated and sick.

Back to better days tomorrow.



on November 24, 2012
at 06:48 PM

The key is to treat the binge as a learning experience. Try to figure out what triggered it and you can respond differently to that trigger in the future. Some people seem to be able handle small cheats and to stay on track. I personally can't. I guess I'm just too black and white. I find it's much easier for me to stay on track if I am 100% on with no cheats. Any cheat always seems to open the door to a multi-day binge.

When I started out on paleo, I was 100% on and it worked well for me. Eventually, I started thinking more along these lines:


which led me to try to be more flexible with the occasional cheat. Ultimately, that led to more binges and made it much harder for me stay on track. I have very recently decided to go back to 100% on, but have yet to prove that it will be sustainable over the long-term. This article may help you develop more of a 100% on mindset if that is your goal:


Good luck.

P.S., I'd personally replace the dark chocolate with some fruit, but again that's my black and white mindset.

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