Any hypnosis success stories?

Answered on September 05, 2011
Created September 05, 2011 at 7:27 PM

I've been paleo for several months, and I love it. However, put me in a social situation where there are chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, and it's all over. I'm powerless. (Forget the salty snacks, though -- chips and pretzels don't call to me at all.)

I don't know what to do to avoid bingeing on these sugary things. I've tried bargaining with myself, separating myself from the table of food, filling up on paleo-approved things. Nothing works, and even as it's happening, I hate that I'm allowing myself to put this garbage in my mouth.

At this point, I'm considering hypnosis to further enforce to my conscious and subconscious just how bad this stuff is and how badly I want to not eat it. Has anyone successfully used hypnotism to defeated sugar's pull? Or any other vice/bad habit?

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on September 05, 2011
at 09:34 PM

Hypnosis is OK, but the effects don't last long at all so it's an expensive and time consuming option. I have very similar issues around sugar, and through trial and error have found that I need to have a daily intake of good carbs, very little fruit, and a magnesium supplement. My carb intake is more in line with the Perfect Health Diet usually. Topping off with fat and protein wasn't enough to stop the sugar demon for me.


on September 05, 2011
at 08:20 PM

It may be that you're not eating enough fat in your diet. Before getting my ratio right I was still craving and eating chocolate regularly, even though I knew it was messing me up. But once I upped my fat levels enough looking at cookies and cakes evoked about the same reaction from me as looking at rocks. Quitting chocolate took little effort at that point (I know not everyone has the same view of chocolate as me, but let's just say I had a problem with it). I'd say play with your diet a bit before resorting to things like hypnosis.



on September 05, 2011
at 07:40 PM

When I have binged in the past I physically felt so badly that I am deterred. No cookie or piece of cake is worth feeling like that. I suppose though that not everyone has that reaction. Once I ate a piece of 12 layer chocolate cake and though it was good, it was not worth the dizziness and nausea.

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