A Paleo Observation--3 Week In

Answered on June 02, 2013
Created June 02, 2013 at 2:57 PM

Hi all--

I've only been doing Paleo for three weeks. A little background on me:

-Sugar addict -Prone to depression/anxiety -I don't really exercise -Luckily allergy-free, can eat everything.

When I say sugar addict, I'm not kidding. My life used to look like this:

Breakfast: 2-3 cups heavily sugared coffee 2 huge bowls frosted shredded wheat with whole milk

Lunch: a few cookies, maybe a PBJ sandwich.

Snack: cookies, candy, chocolate, sweets--whatever I could get because I was so hungry.

Dinner: chicken, rice, veggies (my best meal)

Dessert: More cookies, candy

I'm 5'8" and 143 lbs, so not overweight, but definitely not healthy.

I want to say that I find the Paleo community to be refreshing. I've done a lot of reading on different forums, blogs, etc. I've seen a lot of great support and information. The vast majority of people seem to understand that there are lots of ways to skin a cat--that Paleo can have several different variations based on a person's needs. This is encouraging to me, as it lessens the need to be perfect and highlights the need to be ME.

So, thank you.

The last few days I've found myself cheating more. Yesterday I really went crazy and ate a chocolate chip cookie, a lemon square, yogurt covered pretzels, and ended things on a light note with two small handfuls of Jelly-Bellys. I was craving sugar. And I think I figured out why: I've been slacking on making sure I'm getting enough FAT and protein, so I think my body is coming back with intense sugar cravings to make up the difference.

So is THAT the magic? Ha, ha--I was wondering, "Why do I suddenly really, REALLY want sugar?" and then I realized I was getting lazy on my meal plans/cooking.

Other than all this, I don't feel much different. I feel pretty good. Going to start incorporating exercise at the gym 2-3 times a week. Eating lots and lots more veggies/fruit than I was before. Not weighing myself for a few months--this isn't supposed to be about weight loss and I don't want to get focused on that.

Just wanted to say Thank You to all of you--and if you are on Day 3 and dying, just know it does get better and there are tons of people here to lift you up.




on June 02, 2013
at 03:08 PM

Thanks for the update, Kelley. However, this is a Q&A forum. Please read the FAQs.

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on June 02, 2013
at 06:14 PM

I'll let others suggest the magic Paleo formula for losing those cravings. I'll just point out that smokers who go cold turkey can fight cravings for weeks, months. But they push though. It won't be easy, as witnessed by the fact that 95% of people do eat lots of sugar -- I was little different from you up until a few years ago. But if you just resolve to keep at it -- you fail but resolve to do better next time, over and over -- you'll get there. Remember to celebrate successes, so if a month from now you are 50% better, that's great! But aim for better next time ....



on June 02, 2013
at 04:26 PM

Kelley - I think you are right that the sugar cravings are caused by lack of fat. And lack of nourishment in general. If you are just winging it and not planning to make sure you are eating a nourishing meal, your body is going to start signaling the best way it knows for you to EAT MORE.

Plan to nourish.

Also, you may find that certain supplements will help with sugar cravings. Search on here for minerals / vitamins and sugar cravings.

It does get better. But it takes a while! I would say that my sugar cravings improved a lot around the 6 month mark. It took about 2 years for them to go away completely, where I could look at a cake and not even want it, or eat a little and walk away without stuffing it! Eventually your body's signals will be retrained to crave the thing you need.

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