Sugar/honey/maple syrup/fruit -- confused!

Answered on February 25, 2014
Created February 12, 2014 at 4:48 PM

I'm hearing mixed stories. I have stayed away from fruit and other delicious treats like honey but now a lot of Paleo folks are gasping, asking me, "WHY?" I heard from numerous folks that any sugar is bad for you, whether it is organic or not. And if I want to continue to lose weight, that I should stay away from fruit, especially bananas and oranges. I can do this, but I don't want my levels of vitamin C to drop dramatically -- even if it's in other food like broccoli and red peppers. Any tips?

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on February 25, 2014
at 03:45 PM

I think it's highly individual, if fruit makes you feel good and doesn't have any negative effects (weight gain, brain fog, SAD food cravings) then I don't see why you would avoid it.

vitamin C: I know the paleosphere is against a lot of supplementing, but in this Ameer Rosic podcast featuring Dr. Daniel Chong, they discuss how you really can't get enough vitamin C from real food sources, and how important it is to get enough.



on February 25, 2014
at 05:10 AM

Honey, golden and maple syrup do have the advantage of being much sweeter per calorie than sugar, so used in moderation, I can see why those choices could be better than refined sugar (although be careful, obviously any pure sugar is higher GI, and fairly addictive, and produces hunger). Fruit, I don't see the big deal. Fruit is loaded with nutrients, and the fibre slows the sugars impact down. Okay, maybe high sugar fruit like banana's and pineapples should be consumed moderately, and in general one shouldn't get carried away, but even if you were keeping sugar low, the amound of sugar in lemons, limes, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries is basically not worth even worrying about. You can eat those every day and still stay low carb, if thats your aim.

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on February 25, 2014
at 04:32 AM

No sugar can really be considered good from a health standpoint, but sometimes you just have to have it. If you can avoid it - do so.


on February 12, 2014
at 05:05 PM

Lemons, limes and avocados are the fruits I use to keep my vitamin C levels up while keeping carbs low. Make yourself some guacamole with plenty of lime juice (or just throw the whole lime in the blender when making it), throw in some peppers for added vitamin C and flavor if you like. Congratulations, you just beat scurvy.


Also, unsweetened black tea with lemon juice is awesome, or just water if you don't like tea. You could eat the entire lemon like you would an orange, I actually do this everyday, not bad once you get used to the acidity.

Oh and I forgot, eat a salad with watercress! Plenty of vitamin C there.

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