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Asked on November 30, 2013
Created November 30, 2013 at 12:18 PM

Hello all,

So last night I decided, in the interests of 'treating' myself, to eat something that I used to love before going Paleo almost 2 years ago: a bowl of porridge, added honey and raisins (plenty of both), a little shredded coconut, and then I also threw in some unsweetened cocoa powder because why the hell not. Now, I'm a definite low-carber the vast majority of the time. Of those ingredients, the only ones I consume these days are the coconut and cocoa powder - those and carrots are my sweet treats these days! So this was a sickly-sweet punch in the face - serously, it actually 'hit' me, and I started feeling mildly nauseous before I'd finished but of course I still scraped the bowl clean. And then wanted more. Which, thankfully, I resisted.

Today, I've been foggy-headed and shaky all bloody morning. I've had plenty of sleep but feel totally unrested and cannot concentrate on anything. I'd heard of the sugar hangover before but I really think this is the first time I've ever had it. Is it naive that I am legitimately surprised by how crappy I feel today? The number of times I've read posts just like this from people who had a one-off sugar binge and claimed to get all these symptoms, and thought they were being precious and dramatic. Well, let's just say I owe a mental apology to a lot of people :)

It does show, no matter how 'all natural' the ingredients, sugar is sugar. Scoff down a load of oats, dried fruit and honey and it'll make you feel just as crappy as cake and chocolate bars.

Anyway, the purpose behind this post is to find out what I can do to kick-start my brain today. I'm supposed to be studying as I have an exam coming up, but I'm staring slack-jawed at my monitor and taking in NOTHING. Do I have a purely fat-and-protein day? Is fasting a better idea? Should I do some type of glycolitic workout in an effort to burn off some of the sugar? Caffeine? (Sorry, more caffeine?)

Lesson well and truly learned.

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