Paleo related success stories for publishing a book!

Answered on March 13, 2014
Created August 27, 2013 at 11:51 PM

I'm not a great writer but over the past three years, I've gained such valuable knowledge that it needs to be shared with people struggling with health problems and relying on traditional, mainstream medicine as their only hope.

The most fantastic evidence is the stories of people who realized the healthcare system is absurd, and found cures through simply changing their diet.

Anyone care to share and hopefully I could publish it one day, with your legal permission of course, I would never do otherwise.

Like I said, I'm not a brilliant writer, but the things I know about food and health are brilliant.

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on March 13, 2014
at 10:59 AM

Meh, there's already too many paleo books out there. Not that new knowledge won't exist in new books, but rather, it's unlikely that it would provide anything new.

Personally, I skip over the testimonials in books. They don't provide much content. Perhaps they provide some sort of gossipy infotainment to people who like that sort of thing, but they're scientifically useless.


on March 13, 2014
at 02:16 AM

This is our story. Good luck with your book. I agree with Johnny 5 above, different things work for different people. I would never tell anyone to stop taking their medication just because my husband did. Thats a decision people make for themselves. But I do LOVE paleo!


on August 28, 2013
at 08:39 AM

Its hard to get a book published, especially in nutrition where there are already many excellent paleo books. How about starting a paleo blog where you post nutritional info, success stories, etc? Many people stumble on paleo while browsing the internet, so you could potentially introduce people to the lifestyle that way.

Personally, I've always thought a blog that starts a dialogue between paleos/vegans would be excellent. Both groups have gotten very healthy eating nutrient-dense whole foods. Paleos eat high-fat/low-carb, while vegans eat high-carb/low-fat. Humans can excel on either diet. Its the high-carb/high-fat diet that kills. It produces excess triglycerides, which interferes with muscle glucose absorption, causes people to secrete 2-5x too much insulin, promotes diabetes, obesity, varicose veins, heart attacks, cancer, etc. Paleos & vegans both know this, but solve the problem in opposite ways.

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