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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 12, 2012 at 2:00 AM


The title of this study is "Timing protein intake increases energy expenditure 24 h after resistance training".

I've been experimenting with supplemental protein as of late, and I've actually been quite pleased with the results. Due to my schedule, it's very rare for me to get in a decent workout more than once a week, and because of this, I end up getting DOMS pretty much weekly.

By introducing the about 100gm of supplemental protein (whey) on the day after my weekly 2-hour training session, I've noted the DOMS seem to go down, and I don't get the normal increase of one-two "stress pounds" on the scale come Monday morning. I only have whey the day after, and the reason why I have whey is because I'm pretty happy with the amount of food I take in during the day. I don't like "making" myself eat more when all I need is some extra protein. It's a mental thing, I know, but it's my little compromise.

Now for the hack part - it's a two-parter.

  1. What is the consensus on such a study from the more studious members of our community?

  2. Say I take the bait (placebo) and consider sticking with the supplemental protein. I'm considering going back to my old standby of ordering my own blends (like TrueProtein, there used to be others) - but this would be the first time I'd pick an unflavored product. Is a 75/25% mix of unsweetened/unfiltered CFM Whey isolate and whole organic egg powder feasible or would it taste outrageously gnarly?



on April 12, 2012
at 12:03 PM

I actually was more concerned about the energy expenditure as my weird workout schedule tends to add a couple pounds (I call them stress pounds) for a few days after the workout. For some reason (maybe the energy expenditure) the weight gain didn't happen for the past two weeks. The added benefit was the decreased DOMS.



on April 12, 2012
at 02:28 AM

Hi Josh, the study that you have mentioned relates to Protein and energy expenditure, but you are talking about DOMS. which do you want us to discuss?

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on April 12, 2012
at 02:32 AM

1) The study mentioned looks legit. Increased resting energy expenditure from pre-workout protein, over taking pre-exercise carbs. Double blind studies are good, sample size is small though. Also there is no control group.

2) I have never tried flavourless protein, but I have a feeling it would be pretty gnarly. There are some pretty good products with minimal flavourings. The one I use has cacao in it for flavouring and some glucose. I personally don't mind a bit of sugar in my post-exercise protein shake. Immediately after exercise your body metabolises sugars differently so I don't think that it is a huge concern.

In relation to protein and DOMS:

Pre-exercise BCAA reduces DOMS -


Post-exercise aminos may reduce DOMS


No difference in DOMS -


I always thought carbs post exercise was the best thing to reduce DOMS, but a quick review on pubmed seems to show that this is not the case. Interesting.

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