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Answered on August 19, 2014
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I'm writing about the Paleo diet for a class and I need to back up my statements with citations, but I'm having trouble finding studies supporting our beliefs. For example, why wheat is bad. I'm saying it is extremely genetically modified, but is there a study about why this is bad? Besides just common sense?

When I say grass-fed beef is superior to grain-fed, is there a study to back this up?

What about industrial seed oils having a hugely negative impact on our health overall?

I'm not looking for someone to do my homework for me, but just point me to some credible sources to cite. Links to any studies relevant to Paleo-type eating are welcome. Also, any TED talks or similar type of video source would be useful.

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As for grass fed vs grain fed, maybe someone else has some studies to link to but for me the benefits aren't that dramatic. I typically eat grass fed for ethical reasons.


Here's some general info on the diet:




Hope that helps.

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