Exercise and Stress/Cortisol

Asked on August 25, 2014
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In the past year and a half my body has undergone some big changes. I had a bout of massive fibrocystic changes in my breasts, alongside low testosterone (Im a girl, but have 0). Up to this point I had been paleo for almost 3 years. I had gone through stages of keto, regular, etc, and my body loved all of it. I had been a bodybuilder (fitness model) and thrived, even through long training (no cardio aside from lacrosse, which I played competitively). I had also dabbled in the Body by Science approach, but rather than once a week training, I averaged 3 times, using circuits while fasted for about 20 minutes each. This worked well for me also. THEN my body went haywire. In this two years, despite a continued good diet and training regime, I have ballooned by 20lbs. It is nearly impossible to build muscle unless I train at least an hour a day with weights (which leaves me tired and constantly sore). I am struggling with whether training volume will further hinder my hormonal health long term, or help me, since there is science to suggest both. Currently, my only supplements are Ciltep, Vitamin C and D, and GABA. I would love any hints of advice or experience from any one of you. THANKS!

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