Getting sick during intense training

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 02, 2012 at 11:23 PM

Hey guys, quick question.

Every time I'm doing (pretty intense) strength training for a prolonged period of time I start getting the flu (starts with throat pain and later on I also get a headache. Lasts until I stop training for about a week).

I recently did 6-weeks of Lean Gains with primarily Bench, Chinups & DLs (3 days: Mo - Wed - Fri). Food was Paleo with dairy and sweet potatoes PWO, I'd say around 4000/4500 kcal. No snacking whatsoever, just 4 solid meals. Occasionally supped with some whey (but not much). Fasting window was around 12 hours (not really IF, I know). Sleep was very good. I also got plenty of vit. D from the sun. I do spend too much time sitting in front of a computer.

The first 2 weeks were good, the first 4 weeks were GREAT (needed less sleep, recovered fast, much more active during the day, in a better mood), but then the last 2 weeks were kinda shitty (flu, throat pain, lethargy, needed more sleep, mood sucked from time to time, etc)

Does this ring a bell, anyone?



on June 03, 2012
at 01:46 AM

I started having the same problem recently. I realized that I can't train with a lot of intensity or volume when school, and life in general, is hectic. I just got bad flu like symptoms after training two days in a row during finals, yet in between quarters I usually do 2x a days, 4 days per week with great recovery.

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2 Answers



on June 03, 2012
at 01:17 AM

Definitely sounds like overtraining.

You should try an unloading week every 4th week, using about 65% of your weights. Beginning lifters can get away without doing that but as you get into heavier weights (and closer to your physiological limits) you will need to think about a periodized plan. Something as basic as a light week after 3 hard weeks may be fine.



on June 03, 2012
at 12:26 AM

Interesting..I would say it sounds like you are over training but I train every day on about half that many calories (two large meals and 1 snack) and an 8 hour eating window and have no problems. I train intensely some days and less intensely on others...and use a lot of variety.

I supplement vitamins A, D3, K2 and iodine. I also eat a lot of raw and fermented foods. I'm not strictly paleo because my diet includes raw dairy (kefir).

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