Is there something about execise that makes dietary compliance easier?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 26, 2012 at 2:12 PM

So I started doing the SL 5x5 about a week ago. I really like it. Whether or not it's any good, I don't care at this point. What's odd is that my commitment to doing this has made compliance to paleo relatively easy. (Okay, so it's MY version of paleo/primal/whatever). But I'm not even fighting urges for cookies/fritos/french fries.

Is there any evidence that exercise or committing to a work out program makes following dietary restrictions easier? Cause this is all of the sudden easy for me (crosses fingers and toes) - where it never has been before.

And I was walking/working out sporadically prior to this. Maybe walking 2-3 times per week and working out once a week, but not with any specific goals.

Maybe I shouldn't question this and just go with the flow. But if there is something to it, it could be helpful for others...



on January 26, 2012
at 03:35 PM

"zombie-sugar land" hahaha



on January 26, 2012
at 02:36 PM

I get that. Totally. But this seems like something deeper. The cravings/urge to binge on crap is just... gone. Disappeared. Of course, it may rear it's ugly head at any moment. But I feel a great deal of relief (sense of freedom?). It's encouraging that after getting a reputation of nearly 13K, I may finally be getting this to work for myself.



on January 26, 2012
at 02:22 PM

Scientifically, no clue. But it makes sense that psychologically once you've put in the time and work in the gym, a person might be more willing to stick with the eating plan in hopes of seeing better/faster results. You've done half of the equation; it's easy to go through with the other half. And if the cycle of exercise plus good diet makes a person feel better, makes sense he/she would want to continue with it!

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2 Answers


on January 26, 2012
at 02:33 PM

I'd say it's a combination of increased investment in your goals and, more importantly, a better hormonal environment that makes primal foods more palatable. It's not as if we came up with these restrictions arbitrarily, there should be a synergy between the kinds of foods we want to eat and what our body craves. After expending valuable energy and nutrients, the body wants something nutritious. Also, for some people at least, the experience of craving cookies is often driven by misplaced emotional eating or simply tiredness. After vigorous exercise, with your metabolism humming long after the session to repair and recover your muscles and supplies, you generally feel good and alert. And if you do get tired you're more likely to sleep rather than find yourself stuck awake in zombie-sugar land in front of the tv.

There is a balance though - if you take too much out of yourself then you can end up grabbing the nearest calories available and if you're not used to a paleo diet then that may be a big pile of fries. I use it as one of the signs of overtraining, when I start needing carb heavy recovery meals just to be able to walk the rest of the day.



on January 26, 2012
at 03:35 PM

"zombie-sugar land" hahaha



on April 28, 2013
at 03:03 PM

What He said ^^. I find when I really focus on dialing in my diet, my training improves, and vice versa. You are committing more of your mental energy to your health, and all aspects of health will benefit.

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