Paleo and stomach flu

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 13, 2012 at 12:45 AM

So I'm recovering from a nasty bought with stomach flu...and I have to say, it's been impossible for me to be paleo the past day or two...the thought of vegetables and meat makes me want to barf again. All I want is white food...mashed potatoes, turkey, and yes, SALTINES...maybe some fruit. Just desperate to get some nourishment again and not caring too much about where it's coming from. Which is a crying shame because I had just picked up my weekly CSA delivery and have a fridge full of wonderful veggies :( Anyone else ever have this experience? I know it will come back soon, but it's annoying.

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5 Answers



on March 13, 2012
at 01:01 AM


What helped a friend was coconut water and sparkling juices, broth & chicken soup!


on March 13, 2012
at 12:49 AM

I've not had a full on stomach flu while paleo, just your average cold. Luckily, I already had a big pot of chicken bone broth available, so definitely hit on that while sick. For an icky tummy, you might think about steeping some fresh peeled ginger root in hot water to make your own ginger tea (ginger being a known digestive support).



on December 04, 2012
at 07:08 PM

Just went through that this week... not the most joyous experience. I've been Paleo for over 6 months, but this was my first time getting truly sick. I finally figured out what worked for me. I got chicken breasts and thighs and boiled them with carrots. It was great since I could just throw it in a pot and go lie back down. (I live alone, and the thought of standing over a stove cooking soup made me want to pass out right there.) I made the carrots soft enough that I could mash them and add a little coconut oil if I needed the fat, and it left everything bland for my stomach. I also drank coconut water to replenish and a lot of water to try to prevent dehydration. Hope this helps someone down the road.



on March 13, 2012
at 02:50 AM

Yeah, been there, done that. I went with whole milk yogurt, mashed bananas, applesauce and when I could handle a little more some boiled tapioca with coconut milk. It was really hard to resist saltines though, I'm so conditioned that stomach flu = saltines, when I know they end up making me feel gross otherwise.


on March 13, 2012
at 02:22 AM

A few things help me are : applesauce, yogurt(if you can do dairy, coconut yogurt if you can't) a scrambled egg, or a banana. Some things that may not be exactly paleo might be fairly harmless and can help you get your appetite back. If you can't stand it any more, try a little white rice or mashed potato with your broth. Being a little lenient keeps me from going for full blown crap like wheat toast, saltines, and the holy grail of non paleo sick foods- sprite. Don't fall prey to the gluten and sugar laden temptations. It's too hard to get back on track. Feel better soon!

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