30 years old been suffering for 5 years with food intolerances - Fat & Oil Sensitivity

Asked on March 09, 2015
Created February 27, 2015 at 1:23 AM

I've done so much damage to my gut over the years with sugar, alcohol, stress and antibiotics and to make it all worse I have lymes as well. 90% of even low carb food makes me very sick dizzy and feel like panic attack is immenent ive had to pull my car over several times and lay on the side of the road. Once I went low carb paleo I did notice a difference for the better but I'm still fine tuning my diet. I was using a lot of olive oil and never really felt normal on it then started primary reliaing on animal fat andfelt worse and being low carb was really loosig weight as I could find anything that didn't make me ill. I was also avoiding dairy and eggs but broke down and decided to let them back into the diet and found that butter make me feel better and eggs are just fine. I also found that beef fat and pork  fat make me dizzy and feel crappy as well as all nuts seeds oil an drupes including coconut oil makes me dizzy.  Anyone else having similar issues and four d that butter worked best for them be cause I've always been told that butter was the worst for you I'm very confused. And i also heard that eggs were bad and they actually make my gut feel settled. It seems and I could be wrong that animal fat  nut seeds and drupes and there oil kill me. Does anyone else share my pain or experience. I recently went to a gastro enterologist who did all the imagining and test and basically told me theres nothing he could find and that he thought candida was a made up sickness and he also told me that chronic Lyme is not a real sickness. I just feel lost and I'm afraid that I'm heading down the path of chronic illness and slow death.

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