starting back up after five months, any advice?

Answered on February 24, 2014
Created February 24, 2014 at 12:21 PM

So I was Paleo for most of last year and went from 5'4" 154 to 128, with a Whole30 thrown in there at the end and only lifting 2x days a week with a trainer, walking mile a day, 1 yoga class week, no booze. I had a busy schedule but had a routine of where to find Paleo fast food when I ran out of cooking/planning time. Easy in to do in Cambridge.

Fast forward to October of last year. I moved to North Carolina, got myself a stressful six day a week job, got out of my routine, and fell face first into Southern cuisine. Now I'm back in craving land, biscuits and dessert land, 1-2 glass of wine a night land, and back up to 154. Very surprised at how fast that happened. Have to start over :(

Any tips out there for starting over? My main problem is the stress makes me want carbs and booze, preferably combined. I am dreading the re-boot, although I know I will feel great after and I miss my Paleo energy very much . . . however dropping sugar while under stress is scaring the shit out of me! Whole30 was a great support system but so intense, not sure I want to do that over.

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on February 24, 2014
at 05:21 PM

I've been finding extremely dark chocolate (85-90%) really good for sugar cravings. I mean, you're still getting sugar there, obviously - just a whole lot less than you might normally be inclined to grab.


on February 24, 2014
at 03:49 PM

You're not starting over... Just continuing your journey, and hopefully learning from previous times as you go...

Re the need for carbs and booze... Try looking into changing mentality, things like meditatiion. Or boxing ;) Maybe find something you can do in general to relieve stress even while you're working at cultivating an attitude/lifestyle where you can manage and mitigate the stress...

Re the 'reboot', dread etc. I think you will make it so/bad by thinking that way... What's the problem, really...? Didn't you say you know you'll feel better/different and you want to...? That's not to say there's anything wrong with how you feel now. Relax :)



on February 24, 2014
at 03:00 PM

Eat whole foods -- don't stress.

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